Internet A & Culture final project – Telepathic Stroll

Project Summary

We wanted to explore the connections between each live stream and the fun possibility that we can create! Since our final project will be presented on the grid wall, we decided to build our whole concept revolving the idea of the grid wall and the potential of viewing all four live streams at the same time to create a piece much greater than each individual stream. Exploring the idea of third space and synchronising one and other. It involves interaction, cross streams, planning, coordination and a lot of teamwork in this project.

We start off at different location and moving to meet each other at the same pace where we play with the visual effects of filming. From synchronised games, face connection to various streaming ideas are thoughtfully planned, hope to explore different ways of live streaming.


In this project, I would say our group are very on to all the experimental ideas! We work very well together as a group and each of us would take up some portion to even up the workload. Every meeting was a fruitful one where we came together to settle our main directions and what we should do next. Ideas are also build upon each other which I feel this project is a mixture and combination of one another’s ideas. Yet, we still have a key roles in our group, such as Zi Feng is very practical so he would set up the timeline, Makoto is very resourceful he is in charge of the scouting and checking the weather forecast, Bao is a more hands on person he is in charge of the flow of action. As for myself I am in change on the coordination such as taking notes down for our flow of ideas so our group has a clearer image of what are being discussed and what are the ideas that cannot work. I would also help to source for material that is needed in the broadcast and prepare them before our live stream.

When we was building our ideas on final project, there was once did not meet the requirement of the live streaming together. We actually panic for awhile and we went outside to discuss about new ideas. In the mist of discussion we all just throw out our ideas and I was having this idea of taking different public transport such as using MRT, Buses, cycle and walking to meet at a point. After this was raise up, more ideas begin to flow in like Bao suggested streaming panorama when we are meeting, Makoto suggested the combination of the faces and Zi Feng suggested the swapping of devices.  We wanted to explore what we can do with social broadcasting and the visual effect that we can create.

Our final project are inspire by main 2 artist and 1 video. First was our adobe connect experience where we tried to make our hands connected to each other. The visually was amusing and fun to look at!

credit: Ong Zi Feng

While next is the public communication art “Hole in space”. I really appreciate the live performance that involved two ways interaction at different locations. Lastly was this music video from our research:

We are inspire by the transition effect then how it can link up the third space together visually. Therefore, we are curious about how we can still interact at different location but still connected in the third space!

With the paste live broadcast experience, we also learn that rehearsal is important in this very complex final project. My previous post talk about our rehearsal in ADM.

We also fix a time to sit down and talk about the flow again so to make sure everybody is on the same page and knows what to do at the correct time. Our key to achieve the synchronise live broadcast was the rhythmic tempo that Zi Feng created and we will walk with the tempo with instruction provided. However we are afraid that there is different frame per second that will result a faster or slower video.

Beforehand we tested the live streaming for about 2 min and play it together at the same time to see if there is major differences. Bao and Zi Feng already done it with their telematic stroll and from this rehearsal we can conclude that there is no major difference.

We started off at a different location at Botanic Garden and start to en route  towards the meeting point. Although we have plans but there is still unpredictable situations which reminds me of what Alise Iborg from Second Front said:

Also, many times, it’s the surprises and unintended actions that make the work really come alive!

The weather forecast for the week are mostly raining days. In the morning of the broadcasting day was sunny and suddenly being to rain in the afternoon. We decided to go with it with the wet weather and even you can hear the raining background sound playing.  Which I find it that very interesting when the rain was not clearly shown in the stream. The unpredictable situations makes the live broadcast even more real and alive!


We also tired live scissor paper stone, Zi Feng and Bao was counting the score.

The exploration of combining our faces while not knowing what our friends ar broadcasting was a fun and intriguing experience.

We also take advantage of the multiple live stream to play we perspective. Changing the point of view and also reflective streaming creates a broader view for the viewers.

Another interesting factor in our live broadcast was the panorama live streaming! We are probably the first ever live combination of panorama live streaming in the world!!! 🙂

In conclusion, this project turn out fruitful as our team mates did well in our individual roles! I have learn a lot during this process and about the possibility that would happen during the actual life stream should letting the nature takes it course that reflect the realness in live streaming. There is many approach we can take to explore the concept of social broadcasting. With our project “Telematic Stroll” explore the area where all of us start streaming at different location while synchronise together as a whole. This live streaming performance was to be seen in a piece to enjoy the whole visual experience.

Author: Su Hwee Lim

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One thought on “Internet A & Culture final project – Telepathic Stroll”

  1. I am so impressed with the telephatic stroll project. It is really one of the best uses of social broadcasting I have seen. You embraced the medium to its full advantage, and you were extremely clever in the way you achieved synchronization. The idea of creating a soundtrack with rhythm, cues, and instruction was a stroke of genius! I only wish that I might have thought of such a great idea!

    The way in which you choreographed the piece was stunning. I particularly liked the switching of cameras from front/back in tandem. That was a great idea and had such a powerful impact on our perspective of time and space. But there were also many other wonderful moments: the alignment of your heads using the height of the screen (amazing); walking perfectly in sync along the path; rotating the phones from person to person to creating a moving panorama; pointing to the sky in unison and even aligning the landscape, trees, etc. All of these ideas were so clever and imaginative, you must have had great fun working it out.

    Also the shape of the piece was very well done. Starting away from each other (I’m not sure how you cued up the beginning of the soundtrack), and then coming together in the first space while maintaining the third space perspective and panorama. There was a wonderful sense of coordination, almost like a ballet, as you stepped through each of the sequences with perfect ease and fluidity. The piece was enormously enjoyable and I plan on using it as a prime example of student experimentation in social broadcasting.

    Su Hwee, regarding your reference, I would have liked to see a bit more detail. I think your comparison to Hole in Space may not be entirely accurate here since that work involved the viewers, and here it was the four performers interacting in the third space. Plus Hole in Space was entirely spontaneous and improvised whereas you were very tightly scripted. Were there any other pieces that influenced you?

    But your reference to our Adobe Connect exercise was perfect. That was an opportunity to play with alignment and connection in the third space, which I think helped you to conceptualize your telepathic scroll piece. I think you also benefited greatly from the telematic scroll exercise we did, which was demonstrated through the great precision.

    I want to again commend you for an amazing work. Congratulations!!


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