WK 2 – Report on the exhibition and the selected lecture/event

In Dr Cresantia’s case study, she discussed about Is anything scared anymore? Unpacking the significance of Tabu/Tapu in contemporary Oceania. The tradition of Tabu still retain in this modern days since centuries in Fiji. Tabu refers to a place or an object as forbidden places or scared / demanding of respect which was similar to the common terms taboos. In Fiji, Tabu was used in various occasions such as an important ceremonies or to protect a scared place. While not always that Tabu are to protect the environment, yet it shows an effective potential to protect the ocean habitats.

Dr Cresantia brings in an interesting ideas on the world is just like a mother where we are just like baby growing the mother’s womb. When the mother earth is polluted we as baby living in this planet would be affected as well. It does not affect some of us but it affect us as a whole as we are interconnected in many ways. I came across an article of Tabu waters: Protecting Fiji’s Great Sea Reef, published by WWF, stated that our years of overfishing, pollution and destructive harvesting of live coral and exotic fish have eroded Fiji’s underwater. This shows the connections between us and Fiji even though they are far away from us. Another important points that I have took away was that knowing my place and what I can access to as an islander or as a traveller. As my knowledge that has attain was from my very own country and it only be effective only is specific context. I got enlighten where during certain situation what I think was the best might not be the best. Knowing my own position and status, can help to refrain myself to step across the border line.

In the exhibition, the first artwork that caught my eye was Tamoya Ohboya, done by Tue Greenfort. A fascinating installation that includes real life jelly fish swimming in a round tank. The atmosphere almost seems like a mimic of the underwater where dark surroundings with blue waters linking up with Armin Linke’s video installation of OCEANS. Both art work creates a contrast where jelly fish was supposed to be in the sea yet in future this 500 million year old species might need to be place in required condition to sustain their life through the tank like this. In near future we do really need this to replicate certain condition so that to keep certain specie on earth such as polar bears and penguins.

Through this I feel Art play an important role for people to accept new information or ideology. When it was spoken in words, people might not able to accept it at first. While through art works or any forms of arts can show a bigger picture, taking them through step by steps. Also inspire them to think more about what is the problem or issue here.