WK 3 – Response to CH 1 from Jonas Löwgren and Erik Stolterman, Thoughtful Interaction Design

In this reading, Löwgren discussed about what is good and bad design, if a fast and efficient digital artifact is not a good design if its not intuitive or easily understand by the users. Also if it did not meet the basic function of user’s need are also impractical.

Working with design means that you continuously need to define and redefine what you think of as good design. It is a never-ending process of thoughtful reflections.

Löwgren pointed out that designers need to think what is good design in order to improve her design ability. As a designer, we need to know that the world is changing people’s needs and wants are also constantly  changing. What we design 5 years back might not be effective for todays’s society because many context and things have changed. With constant redefining and reflection will help designers to improve her design ability.

I though of the Nikon DSLR screen interface design and its functionality. The older version was shown in a complicated design filled with numbers, which might cause confusion for the beginners. This prevents the users to learn and also will affect the product usability.

www.technobuffalo.com [Older displays]
However, in recent years they have changed their interface design to a more prominent to bring focus to the important and commonly used settings by using icons.

i.ytimg.com/ [Newer Displays]
These changes can help the user to understand better this complicated device to create better experience. By using icons to focus on the important and design them neatly to reduce confusion. Some cameras also added touch screens to align with the current technology, as most of us are using touch screen phones to make it more convenient.

A good thoughtful design has to understand the design process, design ability, the designed product and design as part of a larger context. Being reflective helps to examine the purpose, outcomes and benefits of doing it in different ways. Also Löwgren pointed out that even professional design is a result of conscious action of a designer does not mean that all properties and characteristics are intentional design decision. This reflected the imperfection within the product or design that happens out of what the designer expected. We also need to take into consideration that the designer has a bigger picture to consider for the design and constrains she might face to produce an effective and balance design.



One of the thoughtful interaction design I felt was POSB/DBS mobile application. It was really simple and clear to use as compare to OCBC app. They even designed quicklinks like “slide and hold to peek” your account balance to provide connivence for user to check their account. The designer also uses bold fonts to create the contrast within the app to increase readability. It also uses simple terms and icon to help user understand more about the functions. Overall there were lots of thought put in to create this clean and clear design where the user can easily navigate around.


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