Exercise 3 — If we were born this way [Xin Feng & Su Hwee]

We wanted to do something that will prevent our joints to move so as to experience a different walking and moving experience. We started off using the leftover styrofoam as guide for the legs and tie together with the hardboard in front.The overall experience was quite interesting, we need to adjust the way we walk at the same time balance ourselves. The styrofoam retrains us from walking the speed like we used and you have the feeling of keep falling off. However, it don’t work really well as there is still some leeway in between that allows your knees to bend a little. Also for safety issue we decided to try out other options and make some comparison.

On the second try we tried using a harder cardboard and tie the string on the bigger surface on our leg. It works well at first but slowly the string would slide down and once again become lose. So we tried another way using just the bandage and surprisingly it was really secure and able to maintain it for a long time. Moreover, the bandange was more comfortable as compare to the string that sometimes might be too tight.

Using strings to tie the device onto the user’s joints proved to be time-consuming and troublesome as it would slip off every time they took a step. We decided to make use of velcro strips to secure the device and lessen the amount of time needed for each user to try it on. We also made use of crepe bandages in order to further secure the device on the users. It also helped to immobilise the joints aiding in our little experiment.

Reflection – Rose Bond Lecture

The Canadian artist Rose Bond shared about her experience of screens installation and how she started as an animator. I was fascinated by the film Nexus she showed us was done painted directly to the 16mm film at that  time before After Effects are invented. The frame by frame provides the interesting effect of changing lines which personally I really like.

Rose Bond, Illumination #1

Instead of the normal screens, she explore using multiple screens on the window. She shared that the projectors are place inside the building and projected to the window. The animated artwork shows historical past of the Portland Seamen’s Bethel Building showing them through the window created an interesting narrative. It attracted passerby around the building and many stop by to look at the artwork where Rose Bond refer this as active viewing.

The most interesting project was the collaboration with the Oregon Symphony Turangalila. They combine the visual experience and music together according to the music which I find it similar to the Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky.

File:Vassily Kandinsky, 1913 - Composition 7.jpg

In art history, our lecturer showed us this accompanied by a piece of music on the background and it seems like everything in this painting is moving. I got the similar feeling when I saw Rose Bond’s project.

At last she talk about there is still many possibility can be done with screen, awaiting us to explore even further. I do agree with her as technology advance, many different kinds of screen such as haptic touch screens and bendable screens. I also learnt that her persistent developing ways to work with screen on windows and walls other than the convention method. On the backend, I am sure many preparation time is needed in order to produce the visuals especially synchronising with the music, setting up the projector also mapping to the the ideal area. Setting up before hand would be very tedious and coordinating with the technical people to ensure everything goes right. I can see there is no last min work to create such detailed planned project.

Documentation Part 1

Safety is the top concern in this project due to the candy will be hanging at the top. I did some research in the method of the rope and also Fabian told me about a method clove hitch knot that can be self-tighten.

I did a 2 time trial with the weights and uses 2 types of knots, clove hitch and figure of 8. Figure of 8 are used by rock climbers to tie on to their harness which I feel it will be helpful and secure my project.

After settled all the knots, 1 pulley are tied to the railing to create this simple pulley system. However, the test out wasn’t the effect I thought of because the lowing speed was really fast when short amount of rope are being pull, this will make my dangling candy shorter.

So moving on to second trial was using compound pulley.

This method make it slower but as for my height it still reachable so I need to add on of more pulley to lengthen the distance. At first the second pulley was place near to the start of the rope, it make the pulley system really hard to move. So it was shifted near to the centre afterwards and the lengthen helps to slow down the whole process. More ropes are needed to lower the weight. I also added twin pulley instead of the separated pulley 1 and 3, it helps to reduce the friction between the ropes.

In reality
In diagram
The final setting with twin pulley

As for the frame for the candies, it was made up of 4 metal wire frame from diaso. It was combine together by cable tie and also the wooden stick to stop the bending. Strings are tie to the wire frame to attached the candies later on.

Final form with the candies!

Documentation Video:

Proposal For Final Year Project



The definition of happiness are very different from each and everyone of us. But what really make us happy? Most of the time we are so tied down by our work that blinded us to appreciate small thing and enjoy small happiness.

  • From this probably can act as an reminder
  • Seeing definition of happiness of other people’s
  • Probably through some interactive experience “Bring back the child-like personality”
  • or making comparison

Stereotype Mindset [Labelling people?]

Putting the viewer in another perspective, by asking “What do you think other people think about you?” Probably have an interactive panel that they can click and choose those options so in the end there is statistic of what most people usually think about.

  • Guerrilla Projects place outside to see how people would react to certain conditions [public’s reaction]
  • playing with different perspective


I was really inspire by Martha Atienza, the way she keep on going just because she really love the sea and wanted to understand more about it. Nature is a subject that I am really interested in which probably I could learn a bit from her to continue doing what I like. I have touch on subject like conservation and also vegetarian diet so this time probably I might go for a different direction.

  • focusing on the patterns or structure
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Smell? like flowers or even meaning of flowers

Project Update 1 : Like Taking Candy From A Baby


The concept behind this interactive installation was derived from an idiom “like taking candy from a baby” which referring to an easy task to be done. However, in reality we all have different good point and bad points in achieving things. From this installation will be using candy place at a high level where participants will need to lift up 1 KG of rice in order to lower down the candy so they can grab it. Yet it is not achievable for most people unless you are taller than the general height. From this I hope to bring out the irony of the idiom like taking candy from a baby, its easy to certain people but all people will find it easy.

Research of Candy


Research of The form for the installation

wire frame

Initially, I wanted to use wire frame and place the sweets in the square hanging but I felt it was quite flat.

I came across this anonymous trio of artists, known simply as three that exhibit at Shiseido Egg Gallery . It was hang in a shape of house that includes 7000 candy. They also invite the visitor to pick of to eat and discard it at a corner beside this installation. It was to reflect the damage cause by the earthquake and tsunami that his the artist’s hometown in Japan, Fukushima from house being damage into waste.

I really like the concept and the use of colourful and different kinds of colourful candy in this installation. The candy are pack into a strips of plastic and with perforated in between for visitor to detach. The overall form was neatly arranged in rows which something I can reference for my installation.

As for this they group the same colour of lollipops together which shows contrast between the two colours. It was hanging in rhythmic order that creates a more lively overall which was very different in the previous example.







I also could use the wire frame as the support for all the candy that will be attached to the pulley and 1KG rice. Hanging them at the same level also looks interesting.

Something to note from my previous experience with 100 things, small things might look very little from far. Candy might be too small in size to be like this. I might need a lot of candy.

This example hand its object in spiral and playing around with colours. Probably not that suitable in my projects as I felt it might mislead people with the form itself.

I really like how in this installation show its complexity and quantity that similar to the first candy installation. This was much more complicated and in random which I feel its more natural.