Project Update 1 : Like Taking Candy From A Baby


The concept behind this interactive installation was derived from an idiom “like taking candy from a baby” which referring to an easy task to be done. However, in reality we all have different good point and bad points in achieving things. From this installation will be using candy place at a high level where participants will need to lift up 1 KG of rice in order to lower down the candy so they can grab it. Yet it is not achievable for most people unless you are taller than the general height. From this I hope to bring out the irony of the idiom like taking candy from a baby, its easy to certain people but all people will find it easy.

Research of Candy


Research of The form for the installation

wire frame

Initially, I wanted to use wire frame and place the sweets in the square hanging but I felt it was quite flat.

I came across this anonymous trio of artists, known simply as three that exhibit at Shiseido Egg Gallery . It was hang in a shape of house that includes 7000 candy. They also invite the visitor to pick of to eat and discard it at a corner beside this installation. It was to reflect the damage cause by the earthquake and tsunami that his the artist’s hometown in Japan, Fukushima from house being damage into waste.

I really like the concept and the use of colourful and different kinds of colourful candy in this installation. The candy are pack into a strips of plastic and with perforated in between for visitor to detach. The overall form was neatly arranged in rows which something I can reference for my installation.

As for this they group the same colour of lollipops together which shows contrast between the two colours. It was hanging in rhythmic order that creates a more lively overall which was very different in the previous example.







I also could use the wire frame as the support for all the candy that will be attached to the pulley and 1KG rice. Hanging them at the same level also looks interesting.

Something to note from my previous experience with 100 things, small things might look very little from far. Candy might be too small in size to be like this. I might need a lot of candy.

This example hand its object in spiral and playing around with colours. Probably not that suitable in my projects as I felt it might mislead people with the form itself.

I really like how in this installation show its complexity and quantity that similar to the first candy installation. This was much more complicated and in random which I feel its more natural.

Author: Su Hwee Lim

I am a picky vegetarian who is a left hander. A Minority in minority.

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