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Safety is the top concern in this project due to the candy will be hanging at the top. I did some research in the method of the rope and also Fabian told me about a method clove hitch knot that can be self-tighten.

I did a 2 time trial with the weights and uses 2 types of knots, clove hitch and figure of 8. Figure of 8 are used by rock climbers to tie on to their harness which I feel it will be helpful and secure my project.

After settled all the knots, 1 pulley are tied to the railing to create this simple pulley system. However, the test out wasn’t the effect I thought of because the lowing speed was really fast when short amount of rope are being pull, this will make my dangling candy shorter.

So moving on to second trial was using compound pulley.

This method make it slower but as for my height it still reachable so I need to add on of more pulley to lengthen the distance. At first the second pulley was place near to the start of the rope, it make the pulley system really hard to move. So it was shifted near to the centre afterwards and the lengthen helps to slow down the whole process. More ropes are needed to lower the weight. I also added twin pulley instead of the separated pulley 1 and 3, it helps to reduce the friction between the ropes.

In reality
In diagram
The final setting with twin pulley

As for the frame for the candies, it was made up of 4 metal wire frame from diaso. It was combine together by cable tie and also the wooden stick to stop the bending. Strings are tie to the wire frame to attached the candies later on.

Final form with the candies!

Documentation Video:

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