Exercise 3 — If we were born this way [Xin Feng & Su Hwee]

We wanted to do something that will prevent our joints to move so as to experience a different walking and moving experience. We started off using the leftover styrofoam as guide for the legs and tie together with the hardboard in front.The overall experience was quite interesting, we need to adjust the way we walk at the same time balance ourselves. The styrofoam retrains us from walking the speed like we used and you have the feeling of keep falling off. However, it don’t work really well as there is still some leeway in between that allows your knees to bend a little. Also for safety issue we decided to try out other options and make some comparison.

On the second try we tried using a harder cardboard and tie the string on the bigger surface on our leg. It works well at first but slowly the string would slide down and once again become lose. So we tried another way using just the bandage and surprisingly it was really secure and able to maintain it for a long time. Moreover, the bandange was more comfortable as compare to the string that sometimes might be too tight.

Using strings to tie the device onto the user’s joints proved to be time-consuming and troublesome as it would slip off every time they took a step. We decided to make use of velcro strips to secure the device and lessen the amount of time needed for each user to try it on. We also made use of crepe bandages in order to further secure the device on the users. It also helped to immobilise the joints aiding in our little experiment.

Author: Su Hwee Lim

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