Response to Refik Anadol Lecture (With Xin Feng)

Refik Anadol is a media artist that currently based on Los Angeles. He work with site-specific public art using data sculpture approach, also creating audio/visual performance. Anadol explore between digital and physical relationship of architecture and media arts.

Using Lights as material

In his early works, he transform the Santralistanbul Art and Culture Center Main Gallery building in to animated 3D geometric building.


His uses lights to create different shade on shape to transform the building into 3D which I find it really amazing. Turning the surface of the building into canvas and apply the theory of light and shadow. From Rose Bond lecture she also did projection on buildings but Anadol in a different approach. Rose Bond drew the animation and uses more colour to bring out the narrative but Anadol uses geometric shapes and technology to create the animation.

Physical and Visual

Ethereal / Architecture as a Canvas Light as a Material

Anadol bring further his expertise and incorporate real-time data analysis into computational algorithms in this Ethereal project. It uses multiple projections around the building and are control by computers. Music performance in the building will also change the visual of the projection. This project was to experiment on large scale projections on architecture can be transform, create expand, amplify and interpret space on using audio/visual techniques.

Using the physical building combine with relevant information in to visual also link up with the performance inside the building to create a interesting and relevant context.

Archive Dreaming

Archive Dreaming are data of 1,700,000 documents that are archives turns into an immersive media installation. Anadol wanted to to change the conventional way of viewing experience of a library and cinema projection on screen and constructed 3 dimensional kinetic space. He uses mirror reflection in his project for the top and bottom to create this 3 dimension effect.

From his presentation, he started off working with light and shadow and slowly evolves into more and more complicated projects. I find his works are really impressive and interesting as he keep challenge himself to do better work. Starting from a flat surface architectural, into irregular shape projection like Ethereal in to data visualisation in 3 dimensional.

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