Final Year Project Research & Process III

After the research, I have I few direction where I can narrow and concentrate on.

  1. Spreading of happiness?
    As it can brighten up people’s day and making someone happy.
  2. Ask people to live the moment?
    Sometimes it seems like we concentrate what is far away from us then the one close to us. As technology advance also divert our attenttion more on our mobile phone instead of people around us.
  3. Giving of happiness?
    We get happier when we are giving but due to our culture the way we are different. Like giving praise or giving to strangers are uncommon in our culture. Giving to society, some might not know where to start from.
  4. Good relationship keep us happy
  5. Are we really happy?
    From the statistic by The World Happiness Report, 220 million children and 1 billion people suffered from anxiety, depression and conduct disorder. I though of the percentage of people posting happy stuff in my new feed are actually higher. However, the statistic shows that there are many people who are depressed and I felt maybe they don’t really show out.

However, I seems to complicate my direction from my original objective.

Why I wanted to do this project?

Because I wanted to create something fun and positive vibe for the general public. As long as it put a smile on someone’s face. From the research, the happiness I am referring to was Level 1 Happiness: Represents momentary feelings of joy and pleasure. The immediate feeling of joy from simple things.

I though of an idea of a interactive machine. First, viewers would be presented with buttons that ask them to press according to their average mood of the day.

Happy • Neutral • Sad

After pressing there will be random object with a piece of note drop down for them. Those are small gift like candy or biscuits while the notes would have some inspiring quotes. This was to give them a little small surprise. Also, there will be feedback after they press the buttons, for example if they pressed sad, the feedback can be “awwww, don’t be sad, cheer up”.

Project Brief

Create sets of interactive machine/device/installation to put a smile on people’s face.

Author: Su Hwee Lim

I am a picky vegetarian who is a left hander. A Minority in minority.

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