Final Year Project #02 Research

I think this is quite interesting where they uses the detection on the device to triggers the sounds. It makes the users move around to interact with the artwork which I felt its a different experience.

Maybe I could hang my camera this way for more feasibility.

In this artwork the photographer are portray in digital while also directing the model to move to the correct place for the photoshoot.

Using kinect to track the view’s position and react to the picture, just like they are right there at the frozen moments.

Melting could also be a way to suggest my idea of deteriorating memory.

This is my favourite project out of the all where it includes a sense of humour. I laughed out when I When both phones are on video call, this machine will starts to turn from slow to fast. It reminds me when both party held hands together and starts to turn in circular motions. Yet, now in a digital side.

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