Final Year Project #05 Project Update

After meeting with Prof LP, there is a few question that I would need to find out to make my project direction clearer:

  1. Why do I use devices? 
    Because device is tangible object, its a physical thing that we can interact with. Although screens is also an object but the interaction are display it did not provide a physical, touchable and tangible interaction.
  2. Why am I doing this? 
    Capture different kind of reaction by different kind of people.
    Experiment or study of human behaviour?
    BUT WHY?
  3. What I am going to do with the photos?
    Create a conversation?
    Making it into gif? Showing each authentic reaction of individuals.
    Process of Action[device] —> Reaction [Viewer’s reaction]
  4. Am I getting reaction or expression? 

    After looking into the words, I realise reaction is more towards an instant responds while express was describing the look on someone face that convey an emotions. The direction I am going for are more towards reaction, the instant respond of the viewer. Even it is a slight raise of eye brow are also a reaction respond.
  5. Why reaction? 

I was actually quite stuck with my idea and I begin to research some research paper.

  • Some emotional state may be displayed by different expressive action such as facial gestures or body posture.
  • Unintentional Transmission of affects across individuals highlight the intimate correspondence between perception of emotion and expressive motor reaction.
    [unseen facial and bodily expression trigger fast emotional reaction 2009]
  • Emotions are intense, relatively short-term affective reaction to a specific environmental stimulus.
    [The Ripple Effect: Emotional Contagion and Its Influence on Group Behavior 2002]
  • Behaviours and ideas are spread by copying and imitation.
    [Evolution & Social behaviour  philosophy of biology 2014]
  • Newton’s Third Law: For every action, there is an equal & opposite reaction

After all these, I felt i should narrow down to the core of my project and brunch out and strengthen it along the way. I would put aside the part where taking photograph of the view and concentrate on the reaction:

Using devices to create reaction from the viewer.

Why reaction? 

When the viewer interact with my devices and when they have reaction = they are in the present, being there with me. They might not realise it but by giving reaction they are living in the present and changing themselves from a viewer into a participant.

Web Design #01 – Proposal

In the final project, I will be doing on my personal portfolio. It will include a total of 6 pages:

  1. Home Page [Featuring Works]
  2. About [Sort description about myself and the work I do]
  3. Photography [Projects that I have taken]
  4. Design [Photos of the project and descriptions]
  5. Interactive Projects [Videos and descriptions]
  6. Contact

The aim of this portfolio website is to showcase my work and share my expertise with others. As Online portfolio show more than just a resume, also allows me to gain exposure to my client or potential employers search for me online.


Reference website:

They uses interactive reaction from mouse scrolling and animated pictures.

Unconventional way of main page and many animations of the words are involved. Words are floating and moving. Very interesting website.

Interesting ways to present the works!