Web Design #01 – Proposal

In the final project, I will be doing on my personal portfolio. It will include a total of 6 pages:

  1. Home Page [Featuring Works]
  2. About [Sort description about myself and the work I do]
  3. Photography [Projects that I have taken]
  4. Design [Photos of the project and descriptions]
  5. Interactive Projects [Videos and descriptions]
  6. Contact

The aim of this portfolio website is to showcase my work and share my expertise with others. As Online portfolio show more than just a resume, also allows me to gain exposure to my client or potential employers search for me online.


Reference website:


They uses interactive reaction from mouse scrolling and animated pictures.


Unconventional way of main page and many animations of the words are involved. Words are floating and moving. Very interesting website.


Interesting ways to present the works!




Author: Su Hwee Lim

I am a picky vegetarian who is a left hander. A Minority in minority.

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