Final Project: Idealisation #01

After narrowing down from my sketches, I decided to work on Umbrella for the final project. Umbrella is something I felt has many interesting aspect, people use it to shelter themselves, using it as a walking stick or even a in a form of armer. With all stated, we can derive that umbrella provides us protection that makes us feel comfortable. In which in directly forms a comfort zone. Seeing that, reminds me that I often due to my own fear, I dare not step out of my personal comfort zone. This is something I am over coming slowly each that to push myself a bit further and further.

In my art piece I wanted to create the floating umbrella that will be moving around in 3 dimensional. I hope to spark thinking from this installation or even questioning. I would be using motors and pully to create the system and will be prototyping on a smaller scale. Will update the research on motors and pully soon!