ADM-DIP GREEN – Development Process [Discussion on 25 OCT 2017]

The progress that we aim for this week:

Collection of plastic cups:

We have place notice and boxes at strategic area to collect from our fellow adm peeps. The collection point are located at B1, Level 1 and Level 2 beside the dustbin where mainly student would gather around. We also posted on ADM Facebook page to giving them a heads up on our project and collection of cups! Do remember to help us if you are using the plastic cups as well! 🙂

We also had plans to do up 2 cluster for our final. We will start making the flower this weekend on 28 OCT so that IEM peeps would have time to complete their wiring and coding.

Video Discussion

Presentation – 20 minutes
Video (included in the presentation) – Only include the material that is going to help viewers understand why your project is done in this particular way/ testing/prototype we’ve built (10 mins or less) More like a commercial

Interviews and surveys
Test it out on people, test it out on them and see what they feel about it and what are their feedbacks

Video Flow
We will be starting of the video explaining our concept.
– Explanation of the water ripple effect
– Though provoking questions regarding the environment
– Stop motion of our collected recycled cups piling up in stacks
(our intention of using recycled cups and process of collecting them)

Next, showing the expected outcome through rendering
– Floor plans and how it will look like for the actual piece
– The light patterns and light shows

Body Storming
– Expected outcome of when audience comes near to it and call-to-action
– When there is no detection, left alone (Randomised the light patterns)
– Just as it begin
– When its crowded
– Finally being left alone again

Ideas for video:
Water ripple effect ideas

1) Cup floating on top of water, when lifted up, water droplets fall from cup, creating ripples

2) Filming from top view over a pool of water, lift cup from water, then cover lens, then cut to putting the cup on the floor, cups will multiply radially

3) Filming the ripples spreading out
[more towards the direction of simplicity]

Final proposal and presentation Discussion

  • Think about if we are the judge who have seen the festival and selected artworks, what’s the selling point that they will want to see?
  • Why do we use this material?
  • How our proposal fits into the theme of sustainability, how it effects the piece? Feedback scenario?


ADM-DIP GREEN – Development Process


Over the past few week we have meet up to discuss on how we should do about for the recycled materials. The problem we face was how do we make it not look like a recycled material or trash. We did some research before we start exploring with plastic cups.


This artist uses mass white plastic cups and stacking them together to create the uneven surface which looks like mountains. We felt that it’s really beautiful but not feasible in our case as the amount of cups would be a problem for us.


We really like the innovation in this piece that created into a dress. It explore different methods of cups by squash it, stacking and also stick them side by side to create the sphere which we find it there is potential that we can explore in. We also see hope in creating something interesting from this piece!


Sticking the cups in one plane are also quite interesting to create shapes. This piece also cut some of the cups in the middle to create variations, however we felt it lose the classy look. Something we take note in creating our piece.


We also look into how the effect would look like when LED lights is added. Transparent cups can trap the light at the tip better then coloured cups. It is also a material that we can collect around our school.


We also came across this melting plastic effect that we can explore on. However, burning plastic would give off carbon monoxide and toxic gases to the environment which did not fit the sustainability theme.



We first starts to explore the shape of the cups by cutting it into circular shapes and sticking them into different size and levels. The view from top look more aesthetically pleasing as compare to the side view. Overall form did not catch our attention so we decided to move on.

Referencing from our research, we starts to explore on stacking up the cups. We cut the edge of the cups to create the petal like forms and stack it up in different direction of petal. The end result giving us a form of rose.

After a few attempts we arrive with this flower form which we find it interesting and has less representation of plastic cups. It was a combination of 2 cups stacking up with the petal interlace together. We also tried using the plastic bags as an additional material but we feel that the complexity of the flower form would be sufficient which the additional material would look too heavy.

In overall, we chosen the flowers form for our installation as the flower to symbolise the earth because it is a natural product of the earth. When we place it altogether it would create a field of natural like art piece that would be attractive even from afar.