Desktop Mise-en-Scene – OBS Experience


The OBS live stream is something that I really like to play with. There is filters and effect when combing them together it can create bizarre and interesting visuals. Before the streaming, I when online to search to learn more about this programme. I came across this youtube video with green screen effect.

I think it was really interesting those effects he has create. He duplicate the image capture and uses chrome key to select green to blind it so he was exactly looks like in the third space together with his screen. I apply the chrome key as well in my live stream on the moving letters. The image was to give a more digitalise feeling. Display capture are also another interesting tools that I found while exploring OBS. It allows you to capture anything on your screen such as your menu, time and date and mouse.

The mouse really interest me because it will auto change its icon while we are working or browsing. I added because I felt it will give variation to the live steam and highlight the presence of it. The mouse icon was so automated that we don’t really pay attention to.

One of my everyday task was to complete artwork for my client. In my live streaming, I was working on a brochure for a Vegetarian Festival in NewZealand. I though it would be interesting to see how the background process before the poster is completed. You also get to see my to-do list for school work.

During the live stream, at first I do feel some pressure as if there was like whole bunch of people looking at my screen. It was a bit uncomfortable and even I face some difficulty with the sound. There was a feedback from my speaker and suddenly there was someone cutting the grass under my block. It the noise was so loud that affecting my sound projection. The noise makes me panic until I realise I can stop it by offing my speaker. Initially I planned to play my playlist songs while I was doing my work like usually I would do, but it was too lag to do anything else. About half way through I get more comfortable by focusing more on the work. Time flies and I did not realise I actually did up a 25 min live stream Wow!



In conclusion, the experience with OBS was really fun! I really enjoy using different filters to create the visual. From the first OBS moving images of my desktop, changing of mouse to chrome key effect, I just let my mind run while and do what I though it was interesting and curious about. I really like how the effect how my Desktop Mise-en-Scene turns out especially the mouse! Perhaps next time, I should think about how the sounds is projected too, which this time the sounds was quite bad in the first few mins.