Final Project: Process update

My first attempt was using the 360 degree servo motor attached the Pikachu using normal thread. However I found out that the centre position of the servo motor keep changing, probably due to power shortage or something. Moreover the strength for servo motor could not help me to hold the weight of umbrella.

So I have code it the way I wanted, moving to the right then to the left and back to the original position.


After that I moving on to in search for stronger motor where I came across stepper motor. I bought my motor from which is cheaper then they sell in simlim. A motor shield also needed in order to make the stepper motor work, I bought a total of 2 kinds. One is a similar from Adafruit Motor/Stepper/Servo Shield for Arduino v2 Kit – v2.3 while another is Stepper motor drive SHIELD just in case one of them doesn’t work.

The Adafruit motor shield has many advantage as is it really easy to use and can drive up to 2 stepper motors. They also provide guidelines on how to set up the stepper motor! So first was to attached the motor shield on top of the arduino and connect to a DC motor to try if it works! [I am trying on a similar Motor shield not the actual Adafruit Shield.]

Next was to try out on the real stepper motor. This time DC Barrel Jack was use as the power source as the stepper motors needs more powers. It actually can work when I plug in the usual for arduino but the light was blinking unstably which means the powers is not enough. At first I was quite confuse with the wires connect to the motor shield but in the end everything manage to work!

Video will be uploaded soon!

Presentations – Anthropomorphism. Humanoids and Androids.

My presentation research are based on the research paper:

  • The mind behind anthropomorphic thinking: attribution of mental states to other species
  • Development of an Android Robot for Studying Human-Robot Interaction
  • Anthropomorphism and Human Likeness in the Design of Robots and Human-Robot Interaction
  • What Makes Anthropomorphism Natural: Intuitive Ontology and Cultural Representations

  • Interactive Humanoids and Androids: Promise and Reality
  • Human—Android Interaction in the Near and Distant Future
  • Social Cognition Unbound: Insights Into Anthropomorphism and Dehumanization
  • Who Sees Human? The Stability and Importance of Individual Differences in Anthropomorphism
  • Interactive Humanoid Robots and Androids in Children’s Lives

  • The Usage and Evaluation of Anthropomorphic Form in Robot Design