Butterfly Effect(SuHwee & ZiFeng) Week 13 Milestone 2

As we will be placing natural plants in our project, I went to search for the possible places to buy plants. One of the nearest place is Sinflora located near Jurong East and the markets near my house. The market has limited choices and a pot of flowers cost about $7-10. With limited budget, I decided to go for Sinflora, probably they might have wholesale price.

Sinflora @ 2 Jurong Gateway Road #01-01 608512 Singapore







There is more variety here as compare to the market. However the price are still very high and it is not worth to buy. Instead we decide to use flower arrangement, from this we are able to use fresh flowers and plants with lower cost.

Giant also sells flower in a cheaper price!


Part II of our project we are to make Max talk to Arduino. Max to send signals to Arduino that is controlling the movement of our fan. I manage to make it work by using the max sending numbers to arduino. So when Arduino receive 0 LED will light up.


We also starts to add camera to our box!

We also tested on the camera angle is about 90 degree which we got bluff by the seller again. They say it was 180 degree. yell