Hyperessay #1: Concepts in Social Broadcasting

The past 6 weeks was my first few experience to try and learn about social broadcasting which something I would never try in my life. I appreciate what we are taught were put into use for our micro projects which really work for hands on person like me. From those projects, helps me to understand the concepts better as well as myself.

From the first Real Time Aggregation project brought interest in me as I found out how camera would brings human relationship closer.

The language of media is everybody’s language.

I feel no matter you are watching’s people live steaming or with the person who is live streaming, it breaks down the barrier we had. At a very least we would gain more impression about that person and that makes a step closer between you and the person who is doing the streaming. Also, I felt the reason why we get friendlier when we are live streaming was due to our upbringing concept of being in front of camera you must smile. There is a natural reaction that we portray when we face the camera.

After knowing Videofreex, I admired how they explore different ways to film which becoming the first to live broadcasting. They inspired me to explore ways to live stream my Video double just like they build the system to makes live broadcast possible.

So, in my video double I added handmade logos to make everything more personal and real which I felt it fits the theme. In the video they also mention about:

It is important to go there where history are being made

This also encouraged me to live the moment while I was broadcasting for my projects because we are also making our own history! So just enjoy the process and everything will be fine.

Each live we stream are also unique where things or incident cannot be undo or repeated which makes it more precious. Especially in live streams there are things are unpredictable in fact out of our control.

I was stuck somewhere in between when I try to make a perfect roll on ground. The sound was even recorded. lol

Just like how it happen during my video double and Desktop Mise-en-Scene. Although there are flaws, but it portray a more natural real live instead of a staged sequence. The research for Jon Cates brought this realisation further. He focus on the raw imperfection of glitch that was consider breaking the rule to creates a new aesthetic.

…openUp possibilities, potentialities for ppl, as well as for myself

Indeed his glitch form of art reflect on the current society where we are obsessed with perfection. What is wrong with imperfection right? Also, we become too occupied and serious that we forget to play and explore the possibility. Usually we tend to stay on the safe side but dare not to do things that are out of the norm. Perhaps we are conscious of how people would look at us, especially during live streaming. However from all the artist we have came across during this module, they believe in themselves and their ideas to create unconventional art piece. In which motivated me to explore more incorporate what was interesting to me to the work I created. Likewise, is more important to look into ourselves instead of what others view us and enjoy the process of broadcasting.

Just nice that we had the OBS project where I could incorporate what I had learn, explore and play! In OBS there is a lot interesting effects and function that interest me such as overlay effect and sliding movement which I selected was my favourite.

I also like how Jon Cates created Bold3RRR in the constant changing images that would keep me curious so I added the similar object in my Desktop Mise-en-Scene to keep my viewer interested. I also found a way to slowly trust my ideas better. Starting from exploring, giving myself many options and exposure. Then I would select and remain certain things that helps me to narrow down which give me a clearer direction of what I want to go for.


Internet Art and Culture Class

Posted by Nicholas Makoto on Thursday, 21 September 2017

In the cross stream broadcasting project, Makoto and I wanted to explore the transition effect, filter effect combining with OBS layers. The videos are live stream simultaneously and with live captions just like a documentary series but a LIVE version.

The live captions.

When both video was played at the same time side by side, the visual feels like an unfinished art while another was a polished version. I also notice my eye will be sway between the both videos. While broadcasting, the interactions with my friends are also easier as introducing them the filters and projects help me to break the ice with them. Some really surprise me as I don’t really know them and they even says things about safari to contribute to our theme!

In current society as technology has advance people are more open about being in front of camera live as compare to how people takes time to react in the project “Hole in space”. Being on screen has become part of our lives whether in the real, virtual or third space. Nevertheless, many people are familiar with the technology just by using is as a normal camera but yet there is rooms for exploration such as the filters effect and OBS.

There is also come interaction between my friends who they commented on the videos. Which makes me feel that even though we don’t contact frequently they still can know and participate in my live stream.

In conclusion, social broadcasting are a platform for us to communicate to the world or certain targeted audience through different mediums. Where it creates more interaction between humans and it can communicate emotions, providing us with accessibility to our friends whom we have not meet for decades.

When we can no longer separate the real and the virtual (the post real), when the third space is just the way things are, well, that in sum is the current state of evolution.

We are connected through social media or even the third space just like what we did from adobe connect. With collaborative streaming such as my cross stream with Makoto can be added with effects for instance, live caption helped to enhance the impact to the viewers. Furthermore, the biggest advantage of social broadcasting is it allows two ways communication when my friend can communicate to me using their keyboards. Thus, regardless of location, culture, time differences we are connect through this third space.

The cross streaming can be viewed at: