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editorial illustration #3: user persona & target demographic

Varoom magazine’s audience are:

  1. Millennials & post millennials → 20’s & 30’s, possibly late teens? (17+)
  2. About to enter or already in the workforce → purchasing power
  3. Dedicated to their craft, or have a creative interest 

Their goals/expectations from varoom are:

  1. To discover new artists
  2. Keep up to date with latest visual trends
  3. Gather inspiration & references for personal work
  4. Expand personal library of design-related parphenalia
  5. interesting pieces related to the creative profession & creative thought

Dislikes and pain points:

  1. Bad typography & editorial layouts
  2. Generic stock graphics
  3. Comic sans………………….. unless ironically used? maybe not even then

Similar magazines:

Frankie Magazine


3×3 magazine

Here are the user & anti-user personas I came up with. These are really rough, I’ll get around to putting them into a proper layout sometime this week.


Meet Laraine!

Laraine is a 26 year old fresh design school graduate armed with big dreams and good taste. She lives with her parents but dreams of co-owning a studio apartment with her longtime partner; firstly because it gives her creative freedom over the interior design and styling, but more importantly because it means she would have a space to display all the art, knicknacks and books she has collected over the years.

Laraine works as a junior illustrator and designer in a creative studio and believes in constantly searching for sources of inspiration through films, music, and creative publications. As such, when not trawling through Netflix, she can usually be found lurking in galleries, bookstores and well-curated lifestyle concept shops.

Laraine loves to travel but hates the word “wanderlust”, and claims that she would rather die than give up coffee. As cheesy as it is, she unabashedly enjoys astrology and reading her horoscopes — but usually takes them with a pinch of salt.

Keywords: creative, curious, open-minded, passionate

Key items: sketchbook, macbook


This is Anthony. He is a 43 year old economic forecaster with a management position in his company. He lives with his wife, two young children and pet corgi in a nice part of town. He starts his mornings pursuing the Financial Times and/or the Business Insider over a strong cup of black coffee (made with light-roast coffee beans from Ethiopia), before making the 12 minute drive to work.

Anthony’s wardrobe and stylistic sensibilities befits his position and status, with nicely tailored suits in varying shades of navy blue and black and neatly ironed shirts. He prefers navy neckties for daily wear, but breaks out the burgundy tie when he’s feeling adventurous. He is a firm believer in the virtues of practicality and rationality, and thrives in the corporate environment.

Anthony likes his days scheduled and planned well ahead, and privately hopes that his children become doctors, lawyers, or stockbrokers. He brings his dog out for a jog once a week, and leaves the office promptly at 7 every evening to make it home for the designated family time at dinner. He unwinds to jazz music and golf.

Keywords: Intelligent, ambitious, organised, practical

Key items: Briefcase, smartphone, a good (expensive) watch