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Editorial illustration #4: pencil compositions

These are some really rough pencil comps I did to flesh out the ideas from the previous post:

I digitized them to better see how they would look:

This idea wasn’t outlined in a previous post, but came to me in class. Here’s style epitomized by the division between the two Koreas. I think it’s really interesting how drastically differently north & south have developed since their separation. While the south has become an international beacon of style [even getting it’s own fashion week], in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea [i.e. the north], personal style – like many other things – is also subject to a strict set of rules & regulations.

The idea behind this is to sketch iconic figures in pantone colour of the years (from 2008 to 2018) to help capture the zeitgeist of our time. I don’t really like this digital though, I think it’d look better done analog, with oil pastels. I can’t seem to find the right photoshop brush to replicate the texture 🙁 I might also rearrange the figures and add/change a few of them.

For now I don’t have a particular composition that I’m leaning towards though, both seem interesting to pursue.

  1. Hi Liying
    I think both your concepts have value and could make excellent front cover designs, however the Kim ‘Gangnam style’ idea cracked me up! I’d be really happy to see you progress this just because I find it so amusing! I do understand the deeper meaning behind this idea and I think after the initial amusement it proffers real food for thought as to the sheer absurdity of the situation.

  2. Hi Liying!
    I think the gangnam style concept is really interesting and humorous. I can see it working very well on the front cover. I think that to more deeply convey the concept of “style” you should add in some more obvious or iconic references to South Korean style. This would also further develop the contrast between the two. I love your personal style! I think you could even go without adding color to let the line work shine, or add very subtle splashes of color.

    Good luck!