in Assignment 3 – Research & Process

Final project thoughts n stuff


I can’t believe it’s the last few weeks of the semester already, it feels like barely any time has passed. Really excited for the holidays tho! Few more submissions to go but so much easier said than done uggggh…. :'(

Either way, here’s where I’m at for the final project. I’ve decided on a burn your ex party/event thing (because that is clearly reflective of my headspace right now heh heh) for a kistch and light-hearted take on breakups.

Right now, I see it as a anti-valentines day event happening at a club. It’s ticketed entry and highlights include

  • a gypsy who does tarot and palm readings (but she also EXORCISES BAD JUJU LEFTOVER FROM UR EX) 
  • a tote bag at the door containing a BREAKUP KIT (and pseudo-voodoo doll)
  • great (fictional) DJs
  • a bonfire where guests can torch memorabilia from their ex(es) and dance around holding hands in singlehood solidarity 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Here are my deliverables:

  1. poster!
  2. entry tickets – festival wristband style
  3. tote bag for the breakup kit (#5) and/or t-shirt (mockup)
  4. pseudo-voodoo doll >:)
  5. branding stuff for the breakup kit: a tiny bottle of absolut, a bar of chocolate, ironic plasters to mend ur broken heart, affirmation & self-love zine, reminder bracelet (guess it can just be used to treat urself if you aren’t recovering from a breakup)

Target audience 

  • Millenials, youth of legal age 
  • nightlife-oriented (?) 
  • trendy, stylish, social-media savvy 
  • sociable 

User persona 

This is Deon. She’s a 23 year old humanities & social science undergraduate who also works part time at a indie bookshop. On weekdays she stays on campus in school accommodation, but usually goes home to visit family on the weekends. 

Deon’s multitude of commitments means that she leads a busy life and has a wide social circle. Her lifestyle is that of an independent woman, and she definitely knows what she wants. Her mindset is that of work hard, play hard (but she probably has a cooler way of phrasing it). 

She recently got out of a long-ish relationship that didn’t work out due to time and irreconcilable differences, but is well on the road to recovery thanks to a supportive group of friends. This event would be an opportunity to let her hair down, while also providing an opportunity for catharsis. 

Anti-user persona 

This is Daniel. He’s a 27 year old production line manager at a big multinational corporation. He’s clearly happily (and recently) married, and has just gotten the keys to the new built-to-order flat he co-owns with his wife. 

Daniel used to party a lot when he was an undergraduate in university, but when his priorities changed after graduation that all changed too. Now he goes to church on Sundays and prefers his Saturday nights at home with Narcos on Netflix and a bag of chips (so he can make it to church and Sunday brunch the next day).  

visual moodboard

illustrative / neon / black

that’s it for now! sketches next weeeeekkk 🙂