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Assignment 3 [applied illustration] outcome





While I was adding noise to the illustration I found that it created this really nice, desaturated effect! It went again the whole vibrant/neon theme I was going for but I think it has it’s own charm too! (The difference between this and the original artwork is that in the original, I only added one layer of film grain to the background. In this, I added 3 layers of film grain and over the entire illustration, not the background.) Pretty cool imo! 

Here’s a side by side for comparison: 






Here’s an overview of all the applications together:


Reflection???? Of some sorts i guess

This was a really fun project! Probably the most lighthearted one I did this semester. Wish I had started earlier tho, I originally wanted to create a few more illustrations in the same vein/style to apply to other objects. But as I said I really didn’t expect this one illustration to take as long as it did. I think it could be improved with more time! Nonetheless am still pretty okay with how it turned out. 

P/s: Am specifically very bummed out that I didn’t have time to do an illustration for a wine bottle with title: U WERE MY CUP OF TEA BUT I DRINK WINE NOW…. but it’s ok! Maybe when all the other submissions r done I’ll get around to doing it [if I manage to make it through alive…………….. :’)]