in Assignment 3 – Research & Process

Assignment 3 [applied illustration] process + development

Hello! Here are some process photos of the [burn ur ex] event. I wanted a very contemporary, neon poster with simple but effective illustration(s). From the poster I would then extract relevant graphics for the other deliverables.

I started off with some sketches and a placeholder text to pin down the general layout of the poster. Of all the variations, I liked the last one the most.

Once I more or less had the layout down, I started colouring and refining the illustration. This actually look way longer than I had anticipated :'(

A few hours (and many breaks……..) later I pretty much had the colours down! Some lines had to be refined, and the flames also had to be blended out. Tried working on a chunkier illustrated type but felt like it blended too much into the flames.

Last step is to add texture and details to the illustration so it wasn’t as flat. I think if I had more time (or started earlier….. 🙁 oops lesson learnt) I would’ve liked the shirt to have prints and more depth. Finally I added some background texture! (you’ll see in the final post)