Typo Crop

One way I learnt you could roughly explain typography, is a bunch of rules that you can apply to the alphanumeric characters.

I personally really like when the type seems to focus more on concept/abstraction than on legibility, but I also like when even through all that, it’s still very functional.

The one above feels like it’s dipping in that territory. It’s also reminds me of the font associated with Tyler the Creator, often referred to the ‘boxcutter’ font, reminding me that concepts can come from anywhere.


Now for some ‘handmade’ fonts.

Candy Crop





Onsen Crop




As seen above, playing with depth, embossing, shadows, alternative materials and environments are just some of the ways that ‘handmade’ typography has it’s own distinctive qualities.

Having typography manifest in the ‘analog’ world gives it a very tangible and captivating aspect, which doesn’t quite seem to occur with me in digital typo.

As with most projects, I’m often worried about my ability to execute the ideas I have, and cultivating the discernment to know where my boundaries lie is something I’m having to discover out every time.

With the references I’ve collected so far and those that I have yet to amass, I hope to be able to find the apex of inspiration and ability :T

Also, as much as possible, I’ve linked the artist’s page/WIP/similar works in the images, so just click on the images to get to those pages~

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