3 Ideas

#1 – One-shot House Raid black comedy
Side in sideways from door into a HDB house
From this angle, you can see straight from the living room to the dining table to the kitchen and there’s a toilet at the right hand side (HDB layout)
Then a guy walks into the toilet casually, people/family sitting at the aforementioned places
while he’s in the toilet, a group of masked people, come in and kill the family/take them away
after all this chaos, the house is in a mess and the atmosphere is completely changed.
the guy then strolls out of the bathroom and is struck by the sudden event.

My focus here is mainly on the shift in atmosphere that takes places, as well as the dark comedy pay off at the end.


#2 – Animation – Dungeon
(Black and White/Stylized)
A kid wakes up in a sort of dungeon type place, doesn’t know what’s going on, can’t remember anything. He basically investigates around the place, finds some clues, deals with traps and other stuff. He eventually makes his way out, but when he gets out, he sees a whole bunch of people that are like him, but they all seem to be trapped in this other place (sort of hinting at a bigger story)




#3 – Mind

(Black and White)

Guy wakes up, neat place, he goes to make breakfast, but while doing so finds a note, written in a cryptic but poetic manner. The message piques his interest, and ponders over it, while munching on breakfast. Going around various spots in the house, he eventually gets it right. We see him spending the day following the messages around the place, eventually he seems to get stumped at one and decides to stop for the day and go back to sleep.
The next morning he gets up and goes to make breakfast. While doing so, he finds a note.

Cut to a psych, discussing his case trying to figure out how to jog his memory again.

(Wondering how to make the ending slightly more satisfying, especially why the notes are written the way they are. Thinking of making his wife be the one writing the notes and they’re both poets and in doing so, hopefully jog his memory as he can’t remember anyone anymore.)


I kind of want to also do a more abstract type of film. Visually a mix between Tetsuo the Iron Man and Mothlight. Slightly jittery and sporadic. But feels a little too far out and indulgent to work on with another person. Hence I’m trying to do so, in doing one take shots, black and white or stylizing the whole thing.



  1. Dude, I came to read your post because I was stumped on my own story, and I wasn’t planning to comment but I just wanted to say that I thought the first idea was hilarious. I was wondering how it would work; like wouldn’t the guy hear the commotion? Then I thought what if he was blasting music in his earpieces or something. And what if there was a dolly? The reveal would be awesome hahahaha.

    1. ALSO. The third idea is very “Memento”. I was convinced it was taken from there until I realized you said maybe the wife wrote it. If you haven’t, you should check it out, maybe it’ll help you develop the story ^_^

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