Name Tags and Research




When I heard that I could drop some degree of meaning or sense from abstraction, I lept on to the opportunity to deviate from what I usually do, having the tendency to have meaning in the elements.

This squiggly sort of doodle also stems a little from what I wanted to do for typography, a Tim Burton-esque type font. While this is quite distant from “meaning” I still feel a strong connection to these squiggles, as I like to doodle and I often doodle in a similar manner and let my hand wander. A look at this does give me the vibe that it is a representation of me.





As previously mentioned, I wanted to go for a font/type reminiscent of Tim Burton’s spooky branch-like aesthetics. Due to lack of ability/training, as you’ll see in the tests I’ve done on paper, that fell by the wayside. I then decided to go with a cryptic/occult style font to keep with le spooky aesthetic that I wanted, mixing about with my Conceptual ideas (The Witch house genre of music, taking points from the aforementioned styles.) The outcome, clearly falls short of my ideas and even probably turned out better in the test doodles that I did.



ConceptThe aesthetic of music is often an aspect that, while not exactly overlooked, is something that we sort of absorb unconsciously. Digging into the Witch House genre of music for their A E S T H E T I C . Themes of, as the name implies, witchcraft as well as horror, glitchy elements and other ‘dark’ styles. Musically, the most well known would be Grimes, Crystal Castles and Purity Ring. Artists in this genre often utilize unicode in their names as well eg. Horse MacGyver (formerly ///▲▲▲\\\). My aims were to be able to capture all that, in a conceptual name tag without relying on copying symbols (except for the band Xiu Xiu’s logo/symbol, which I put in cause I like these sort of low-key, somewhat irrelevant references and getting away with it.)

Test 1These were the ideas I doodled down, there’s no particular route that entails chronological order though. I did start with the eye and the Triangle Eye Symbol next to it. Tried to dip into blackletter, but I wasn’t satisfied with the quality that I was putting out. You can also see the typography that was to be that never was :T.

Test 2

More tests, and trying to finalize a layout for Concept, trying to get the typography down too.










The attributes that I’m considering are

  • Hungry
  • Reserved/Anxious
  • Messy
  • Mental
  • Slow
  • Inquisitive – I’m thinking of challenging myself with a word that isn’t so apparent with visuals
  • Tired
  • Driven
  • Asian/Japanese/Indian
  • Audiophile
  • Drugs

I’m planning to take a real-word-handmade-photography approach. Thinking of dabbling in some perspective illusion type things too.

Something that really helped me jog my mind, was the point about context. I have yet to generate ideas that toy with that idea, but I really really want to play around with that aspect.

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