Idea Pitch

In Motion

Main Character: John

Setting: Suburban House, peaceful, relaxed atmosphere. Warm Tones

Plot: John wakes up in his house in a pretty upbeat mood and goes to make breakfast. While doing so he steps out to check his mail. In his mailbox, he finds a note, written in a cryptic but poetic manner. Surprised and a little confused, he looks around cautiously and steps back into the house.

He ponders over the note while eating his breakfast and shortly after, he sets out around his house searching in little pockets and along the shelves. Eventually, he finds another note. This sets him off on a search for around the house/town.

Through the day he gets increasingly stumped by the notes and in the evening, he returns to his room, feeling done for the day.

The next morning, he gets up, in the same chirpy manner, and while making breakfast, he finds a cryptic but poetic note. It reads almost exactly the same and he ponders over it while eating his breakfast.

We cut to a woman discussing with a psychiatrist how else they can jog his memory.


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