Typography Assignment Update

After some revision, I’ve either dropped or combined certain traits and I think I’ve settled on these 6

Hi, I’m Makoto and I’m  _______

  • Reserved
  • A Foodie
  • A Druggie
  • An Audiophile
  • A Watcher of Movies
  • A Reader

Most of the ideas feel quite finalized.

Not sure if I should talk about them here, as opposed to the day/final post itself.

Done tests on burning some cotton for Reserved. The pictures seem to be headed in a promising direction. Fire shows up well but my concern is the drippage of the lighter fluid if I angle the baking tin. left my SD card reader at hall though… Will update with pictures soon.

For Foodie, I tried rolling rice in cling film to keep a more controlled form, but I’m not too keen on the plastic sheen/reflection that it gets.

Taking a look at the examples on Blackboard, makes me feel like I could approach these traits from more perspectives. I just don’t feel like I’m delving deep enough into the possible visualizations.

I’ve been wanting to do an aspect that doesn’t have such a apparent visualization in my head. Less visually tangible traits.

I’ve also been considering the aspect of contextual elements in the pieces. I’ve been quite intrigued since I heard about it. It was quite an “oh yeah” moment, so rudimentary and so accustomed to accepting things as per “our” context, that we often forget the possibilities of other perspectives. A little tough to insert that in so far though.

As usual, I found myself worrying about the executability and fidelity of my work. Making me contemplate bailing from some ideas, especially the real world ones.

But I figured, now’s the time to experiment and explore.

EDIT: Since it’s only four A5s now, I’ve narrowed it down to

  • Druggie
  • Audiophile
  • Reserved
  • Reader

These four I feel I gravitate to the most, and I really do like the concepts I have behind them and am excited to try out the ideas behind them.

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