I love watching these sorta documentaries, especially all the nuances that I start to realize though the various expositions from the interviewees. All the little nuggets of info from all the people affected, influenced or who distance themselves from the different trends through the years really are such a great peek into their mind and the times that have gone by.

Once again, there are always two sides, and never a black and white issue. With efficiency and time, how an ideal evolves to stand for many different things.

With all the different perspectives, this leads to questioning the base or source of these reactions. Is there a “right” or “wrong” perspective, and I guess this is quite post-modernist philosophically. This leads to me to a mindset that we should all be quite aware, as much as possible, as designers of the possible reception of the work we put out. I don’t mean in a way to make the subject matter agreeable to all, which i think leads to nowhere progressively; I think that just the mindfulness alone leads to better work in that we might inherently make more intentional decisions.


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