For the follow up Mirror system, we created a more separate feedback visual with, in my case, my hand pointing towards the detected face!

This was actually pretty fun! I really enjoyed figuring it out.

I ran into a rather large problem where on my windows laptop the file would only play in one direction and be unable to return. Fortunately on the school’s macs worked just fine, and with some minor tweaking it felt pretty good.

On the downside, the jittering of the hand from the tracking is kinda funky, still trying to think of how to solve that!



For this first foray into the world of MAX/MSP we had to create a ‘mirror’ that darkened the closer we got to it.

The invert node was used to flip the image horizontally

The p brightness node is a condense version of the left side of the above image.

Unpacking the four corners of the green box into values to feed into a node for the opacity

Tweaking the scale helped me fine tune the distance that the image fades away at, and I’m quite satisfied with the distance and the current feel/look of the effect.