FYP pt. x – Scrapping ideas

Sometimes concepts don’t work out. One of which was to have various objects suspended from the ceiling of the room, swaying gently, very minimal movement. Had a lot of trouble getting that right, either the simulation would stop abruptly, the movement would be way to over-pronounced. Additionally the dynamics simulator would over time slowly drift from each other (the string connector to the object)

As seen above, the object is connected by a red line to the string its connected to. After running the simulations a few times, I run into problems like these. Additional problems include the length of the string sometimes changing. But for me the biggest deal breaker was that I could not get the subtle swaying I really wanted; and considering I wanted a room full of these at varying lengths. This room didn’t seem like it was going to go great and would probably take more time than it was worth.

You can even see the slack in the line when it drops. The coiled spring around is just a visual representation of the constraint between the two dynamic objects.

So I scrapped that entire sequence (there were a few other things going on for the scene too). But perhaps, it was more of a rework, because the end result would be the same.

I ended up with this.

Just for a visual idea. The scalpels are floating in the air. I plan to include other objects like pills and IV drips (which i am in the process of cobbling together).

I also tried fogging it up, which takes a huge strain on render time so that still up in the air a bit, but it does look great.

16000 Samples to clean up the noise, this being the crux of adding nice atmospheric fog


Trying another method of fog, but with lower sample counts so its reaaaallly noisy

trying to get that glare/flare into the camera


Speaking of glares and flares, I came across this guys work, a short he made in Cinema 4D talking about his personal project ‘Keys’. One of this mindsets going into the project is that he wanted to do everything in camera as possible. I’m trying to do that too, 1. because I think its better than compositing in particles later (tho that can really work well) but also 2. on a more practical level, I can spend that time working on the other aspects of the project. (which is kind of counter productive, cause it’ll probably take more time to get it “right” in C4D; pros and cons, pros and cons)

As for a more current update of the project. This week is simulations week, getting things like fabric simulations out, modelling objects using simulations, the fracturing glass ball at the start and the alternative ball being absorbed into the fetus sphere. Next week is animations week (which i hope and think will go much faster as I’m not at the mercy of simulations). Till then!

Oh, I also have at least something in for every scene i want in the video. I’m also using my design in motion module to add additional animations on top of my video, all in the theme of hospital UIs. All the visual stuff I hope to be done with by the end of the first week of April. My acrylic order should be in sometime during next week as well. For my next post, I’ll show a frame of every scene I have at the moment. (OR MAYBE I think the work I’m doing each day)

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