My idea for sensory deprivation wants to induce a sort of experience for the user to generate from their own mind or introspection

A lot of what I could think of felt too similar to my initial inspiration and i wanted to distance myself purely for the sake of not replicating an existing experiment even thought it’s highly successful.

Replication though, required quite a few similar elements especially to isolate the user from external stimulus and i think that would require some further planning

Idea 1: Sensory Deprivation

Act 1: User is in a vast open space with a glow in the distance drawing the user towards a general direction

Act 2: Odd forms and audio begin to draw the users attention

Act 3: All the visual stimuli begin to fade slowly but the audio remains, leaving the user to their own visuals

I found this video, which is a little similar to what I had in mind, i’d have no ground element either and the visuals would be in a closer proximity to the viewer and not like an overarching sky

I want people to get a sense of disorder and lack of control when they fall ill with any illness, especially since we can’t control how our internals work consciously

Idea 2: Replication

Story is of the start of an illness


  • Start with 1 cell
  • Every time you click it, it will replicate
  • There’s a chance that each replication will split into something bad
  • Eventually either a balance of only good cells occur or the system will be overrun

But personally these feel quite game-like,┬ábut I’m still keen on trying another medium to portray these stories