Project Luna – Meta-assignment Theme 5: Law

In this time and age, the major nuclear powers have finally managed to agree on withdrawing their nuclear arsenals, making the Mutually Assured Destruction doctrine a thing of the past…

With an explosion in the education levels of the global population and the worsening of global warming and its results, the United Nations General Assembly gradually became a sort of Parliament for deciding on humanity’s actions to resolve its issues.

A decade before Project Luna, the UNGA was renamed the World Parliament, yet it was thankfully not Nineteen Eighty-Four but the result of a global awakening and worldwide conversion to freedom and democracy. In North Korea, even!

The World Parliament would take over the UN’s territory in New York City and set binding global policies, while states had the leeway to adjust these policies for their own implementation….

(to be continued/edited)

DN1006 Assignment 1 – Process

As described in my Research post, I would be working on the following themes: construction worker, police officer, architect, bird keeper…….

Composition 1: Construction Worker

Initially, I wanted to use aluminium foil to form the “hoarding” used in this concept. This took a lot of effort, however, and did not look aesthetically pleasing:


I chanced upon aluminium sheeting in Art Friend which looked much more realistic, although at the start I was still not sure of how to shape it… but all I needed was a steel rule to put it into shape!


The shaped aluminium sheet was then trimmed to shape and spray painted to give the texture of an actual construction site hoarding:


A smaller piece of aluminium was then covered with a printed label and then placed onto the shaped aluminium to come up with the final piece of work:


Composition 2: Police Officer

First, I made a stencil digitally and trimmed out the unwanted portions with a craft knife. Blue spray paint was then used to colour in the cordon design on a receipt paper roll.


dsc_1166 dsc_1251-1

The scene was set up outside the ADM handicapped lift to replicate a crime scene. However, I tried to use a simpler set up so as to highlight the “cordon” as the more dominant part of the image. Hence, I avoided using the more cliched imagery such as blood splatter and such markings.

Composition 3: Bird Keeper

I used cornstarch and white glue to form the white part of the bird poop, while polymer clay coloured with black acrylic paint was used to form the darker part.


The bird poop was placed specifically to form my initials but without being too obvious.

Watercolour helped to make the bird poop look a little more realistic by staining it, as well as the newspaper below and making the latter slightly crumpled and aged.


Composition 4: Landscape Architect

This composition was initially supposed to be of an architect only, but I wasn’t able to attain a suitable look and got stuck with it. With a suggestion from a schoolmate, I tweaked it slightly to change the composition into that related to a landscape architect instead.


The illustration was done using Inkscape.rect5149-5 rect5149-6


DN1006 Assignment 1 – Research

For this assignment, we were supposed to create 4 typographic portrait compositions using our name, initials, or parts of those based on a probable future job or occupation.

I started identifying potential ideas by sketching out some thumbnails.

1 2 3

At the end, I decided on the following “occupations” for this assignment: Construction Worker, Police Officer, Architect, and Birdkeeper.

For the construction worker theme, I decided to explore making things (partially given that I am heading to Product Design as my major and that I really like hands-on work) and came up with the idea of using the ubiquitous “Danger – Keep Out” signs as a starting point:

To add on to the symbolism of this sign, I decided to include a related texture in the form of the metal hoardings commonly found at construction sites:

For the police officer theme, I decided to use the police cordon tape as an element:

I decided on a photographic method for this theme, which would then be based on a crime scene cordoned off with police tape. In this theme, I would replace the “POLICE” text with my name.

For the architectI explored the use of architectural blueprint-like drawings to illustrate my initials as part of the building… however, this would not turn out the way I hoped it would be, and so I decided to change it….. this is further explained in my Process post for this assignment!


DN1008 Assignment 1 – Fanfic

Having gone through the worlds created by my classmates, I found Shannon’s one the most interesting. Not too sure why, but it might just be a twisted fantasy to wonder about how your own environment would be appear and feel like after it undergoes the ravages of war.

In this day and age, however, this may not just be a fantasy….

Adapted from SG97 by Shannon.

The Panel convened at 0100 hours sharp.

Earlier in the evening, a stranger appeared at the gate of the community bearing nothing but a document. He was, of course, wearing the protective gear necessary for survival in this environment.

Quietly, he passed the document, encased in a stained clear folder with “Bedok Primary School | Children’s Day 2040” silkscreened on it, to the sentinel stationed at the gate.

Keith double-chained the gate as per the Community’s lockdown protocol, then sprinted back to the main building and bounded up the staircase.

Round the third-floor lobby, he hurried to the staff room and passed the envelope to Wen Ting at the desk.

“He didn’t say much to me, except to point at the sky as if to remind me that it was already 6pm”, Keith uttered breathlessly.

“Okay, this might be good news for the Community. I’ll bring the letter to Terrence,” said Wen Ting. “We’ll let you know soon, alright? Have a break and get your replacement to take over the gate duty.”

Wen Ting knocked on Terrence’s door. As the second and incumbent President of the Community, he had the privilege of having his own office. Unsurprisingly, the door was labelled “PRINCIPAL”.

Using his combat knife, Terrence ripped through the string that kept the envelope closed. He gingerly removed the document from the envelope and pored through its contents.

Dear Sir/Madam,

We’re a community located in the East and have been looking around for similar groups that survived the Disaster.

On one of our longer reconnaissance trips last week, we noticed some activity around your area and discovered your community.

This being a rare opportunity, we hope to be able to join in an alliance with your community, for the betterment of both our groups. We would be able to pool together our limited material and human resources, and hopefully find other communities to rebuild society.

I will send a small party of members from my community to rendezvous with you tomorrow. For the best of our communities, I hope you will have a fruitful meeting with my representatives.

Yours faithfully,

Geraldine Wong
Bedok Community


The members of the Panel filed into the room and settled down on the creaky wheeled chairs.

“As you all might have heard, a separate community has established contact with us. The purpose of tonight’s emergency meeting is to discuss our next course of action, since they intend to visit us later in the day,” said Terrence.

(to be continued)