DN1006 – Assignment 2 – The Switch

Remember how I wanted to complete my zine using prata as the key theme from Jalan Kayu?

After spending days and weeks thinking and thinking and thinking and thinkinggggggg, I finally came to a decision that it felt a bit too frivolous and I wanted to do something a little more meaningful with regards to Jalan Kayu as a place.

With this notion, I went on to do more research on the place and found that there used to be a school in Jalan Kayu during its kampung days – Jalan Kayu Primary School.

Unfortunately, the school closed down in the 80s, so there I was, limited to online sources as the only place for me to glean something about it.

(You can find out more about the school yourself as its alumni have a Facebook group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/19956218133/)

I decided that this was a useful place to restart my investigation (with two weeks to go…) and went ahead with it…




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