Assignment 3: EGO WIP+ FINAL

For this final project for semester 1, i feel that it was generally a really self-exploration one where I had to think of putting myself in various setting and how i react to it. After brainstorming in the first week, i decided to play with time. Basically in the different settings:
1) How TIME passes slowly
2) How TIME passes very fast
3) How TIME stops in my head
4) Me thinking of  where did all the TIME go to.

So, I came out with 4 different settings first:

  1. Where time passes slowly when I’m in a place where there is many people/strangers and I don’t know how or who to interact with, thus, being an introvert, I would tend to be very awkward and thus not knowing what to do in such situations but just hope that time passes by quickly so I could escape from this setting.
  2. Time passes by so fast when I’m overseas travelling. I am a person who really likes outdoor adventures and being in a new environment overseas. Thus, whenever i am overseas, time passes super quickly.
  3. Time stops in my head when I am day-dreaming. I get distracted very easily to the point where i could just stare into space and be in my own word even when I am doing work. I just feel that there is a moment where time actually stops and I will be pretty much oblivious to my surroundings.
  4. For the last setting, I think it is pretty common how some nights when we go to bed, we just tend to look back at our lives and sometimes just thinking of where did all the time go to. I personally tend to overthinking in such settings and the sudden realisation that I lost track of time due to busy schedules in my daily life.

Then, i moved on to thinking about how i should do the “ME” part of the equation, whether to do 4 different sides of me or to have 4 “Me’s” combined together to form one ME. Initially, i wanted to do a portrait of me but cut into 4 squares, but it was really quite hard to crop of just my face and to make it so long in length wise. Thus, after wrecking my brain for the longest time, i decided to show how i grew as time goes by and how i am who i am today. The four squares would be a whole picture that represents ME as a whole. So for the extreme bottom square, it is the young me and the now me lying on the ground with our legs leaning against the wall, looking up. Then for the second and third box, there are all my emotions as i grew up, which depicts faces of different colours which represents different emotions. Next, paper-cuts of patterns that has a face and curves in it hooks together to form a big figure of a persons eyes and mouth on the first box. It shows how through different emotions of mine through my younger self and how, made me grow into who i am today.

This is just my draft of the first three boxes without the paper cuts yet! Yeah, i wanted to portray it like that. The final one will be shown at the bottom! 🙂

Lastly, for the equals part of all the 4 equations, it was the hardest to think of how i want to show my reaction towards the 4 different settings.
Still trying to stick to the paper cutting, i decided to go with it throughout the 4 compositions as well, such that there will be a little pop-up effect for all of them. I did it mainly because i really love paper cuts and i enjoy doing them, hahaha but it was a tedious process.


basically a picture that sums up my work in progress hahahah. Honestly, i was trying to get the concept right first before proceeding with my work! 🙂

Moving on to my final project, this is all 12 compositions:


Starting with the Me part on the extreme left column, i made use of analogous colours.


This basically show the young and now me looking up on all the different emotions and growing from to the top part where the paper cuts hooks together to form a bigger me.

These are the composition of the 4 different settings:


The first setting is a place where there is a crowd, filled with many people. Not sure if it’s visible here but there are actually a few humans popping out from the top left, right, center and bottom left and right! I made use of split complementary colours for this composition


The second setting is the well-known Cinque Terre in Italy. I took this picture recently during my holiday and I edited the picture as there were green parts on the photo which is too “attractive” to the eyes. I removed the colour of the sky as well as I wanted to create an analogous harmony as well for this 🙂


This is the edited picture before adding the white paper cuts on top of the waves 🙂


The third setting is a dreamy place when I am daydreaming, i made use of monochromatic theory on this and i added the silver paper beneath the picture i took when i was overseas as well hahah. I wanted to show more dimension to the picture such that its feels like when i am staring in space, it is another world to me.


This is the last setting where it is a picture of a bed, it is actually lighter but not sure why its so dark in this. I made use of analogous colours as well for this.

Finally going on to the my reaction towards the settings (which i honestly like the most and spent the most time on these 4 compositions!!!)


Me + a crowded place with a lot of strangers = Me drowning in a sea of people where i want to hide my face to avoid the awkwardness of interaction with random people.
Thus i made use of a plastic bag to cover the face, and the overlapping of different shades of blue to create the sea.
Thus during this situation, time passes very slowly.
This is both monochromatic and analogous theory used in a way. 🙂


Me + Traveling to different places = Feeling very free and relaxed just like how a mermaid is feeling happy and free underwater water

This is the hardest composition to think of as i do not have any idea how to show happiness as a paper cut illustration… Then, i thought that since my other three reactions made use of an illustration of me, i wanted to include a person in this particular composition as well to complement the others. Therefore i chose a mermaid as a representation.
Also, when i am happy and enjoying life when travelling, time passes the fastest.
I made use of the analogous colour theory for this.


Me + a dreamy place = Me climbing up the ladder to my own world.
Again, i made use of analogous colour for this, yellow,green and blue. To depict me climbing up to another dimension such that the time stops in the real world as i am day-dreaming.

Me + My bedroom(the bed specifically) = My head on the pillow with my brains protruding out.

This is an emphasized composition where the pillow is actually represented by a weighing scale such that the scale is exceeded from the heaviest weight due to the heavy thoughts at night just before bed. Thus, it shows the emphasis on my brains that is over thinking, which results in my head getting so heavy that the “weighing scale” aka the pillow is exploding as seen from the cracks depicted.
This is the scene where i would lie on my bed just before i sleep and think, where did all the time go to.

Analogous colour is used as well for this composition. 🙂

Overall, my 4 equations uses mainly analogous colours which i know i have repeated it a lot of times on top 😛 I didn’t want to use too bright of a colour or too many different colour theories in the different composition as i want each equation to flow smoothly and not with the sudden burst of colours then the lighter tones of colours. Also, all of them revolves around the time I spent.



Final work!!!! :))


Awkward meeeeee (:

Comments from my classmates

Lastly, I really enjoyed this final project as i feel that it is very interesting and fun, although the thought of what colours to use was very tough at first cause there is really too much you can do with colours. I am pretty satisfied with this work but of course improvements can be made such that the composition of the bed and the last me part was too flat in comparison to the rest of my composition. However, i was afraid that my work would not look like a whole work done by one person but i guess it somehow did flow and I’m truly thankful for it hahahah.

Also, i think everyone did a really good job in their work as well!!!! Its seriously all super good and i liked them a lot!!! Looking forward to more Joy’s lesson with this bunch of amazing friends next sem!!! 🙂

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PROJECT 3-Colour Theory Research

This is my research on colour theories and just wanted to type out and put in some images 🙂


When I first looked at this word, I thought monochrome was just black and white, and after researching about it, it turns out that the colours of a monochromatic palette all share a single hue, but vary in brightness and saturation. White, black and grey are considered to be neutral. It is a basic colour scheme using only one hue in the colour wheel to create a variation of different values in an artwork. This creates a colour scheme that looks very clean and balanced as only one colour is used, creating images that are generally visually appealing, relaxed looking and simplistic.

As I was researching, I found this youtuber that explains quite well on a few different colour harmonies and just thought I would share it here:

Examples of monochromes harmony:



really like this!!



Also know as adjacent colours which on the colour wheel they are directly beside each other. Analogous colour palettes consist of different, but neighbouring hues. The constant property can be either the saturation or the brightness level or both. Usually one of the three colours predominates. Creates an image easy on the eye and comfortable for viewers to look at in which the colours goes nicely together. It is very popular in nature images such as forest where there are greens and yellows and ocean where there are blues and blue-green.

This is the same youtuber explaining analogous harmony:



Basically the colours in the colour wheel is divided into two groups: Warm and Cool.
Warm colours(Red, Orange and Yellow) are associated with the warmth of fire and sun.
Cool Colors (Blue, Green, and Violet) connect in the mind’s eye with the coolness of sea, sky, and foliage.





Colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel are considered to be complementary colors (example: red and green).
The high contrast of complementary colors creates a vibrant look especially when used at full saturation. This color scheme must be managed well so it is not jarring.
Complementary color schemes are tricky to use in large doses, but work well when you want something to stand out.
Complementary colors are really bad for text.




The split-complementary colour scheme is a variation of the complementary colour scheme. In addition to the base colour, it uses the two colours adjacent to its complement.
This colour scheme has the same strong visual contrast as the complementary colour scheme, but has less tension.
The split-complimentary colour scheme is often a good choice for beginners, because it is difficult to mess up.


Summary of the colour harmonies:


I never actually researched on colours before and i must say it is really interesting! i particularly liked the monochromes harmony one the most as i feel that the images are indeed very clean and simplistic looking which i might consider applying it into my project 3!

Still thinking of different settings to begin with and currently my mind is really blank 🙁 Hopefully, it’ll come to me soon!!!

Project 2: Forrest Gump RESEARCH

This research portion probably came in a bit late after all the critique has been done, but for sure i did it during the week where we just started this project!

So i researched on different movie quotes and artists that using surrealism and dadalism in their works with also some random researches found on pinterest with pictures i really liked.

SURREALISM: a 20th-century avant-garde movement in art and literature which sought to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind, for example by the irrational juxtaposition of images.

I feel that surrealism is really interesting as it involves many things that you wouldn’t thought you can actually combine them together to form a surreal picture that some do make a lot of sense. Thus, i got inspired by the different unique pictures on pinterest and decided to take the approach of using surrealism in my chosen quotes for this project.

Here are some pictures i found really interesting:







DADA: Dadaism was an art movement of the European avant-garde in the early 20th century.

Dada was the first conceptual art movement where the focus of the artists was not on crafting aesthetically pleasing objects but on making works that often upended bourgeois sensibilities and that generated difficult questions about society, the role of the artist, and the purpose of art.



Some of the artist references i researched on

  1. Hannah Hoch:
    Höch was not only a rare female practicing prominently in the arts in the early part of the twentieth century – near unique as a female active in the Dada movement that coalesced in her time – she also consciously promoted the idea of women working creatively more generally in society. She explicitly addressed in her pioneering artwork in the form of photomontage the issue of gender and the figure of woman in modern society.


2. John Heartfield:

John Heartfield was an artist and a pioneer in the use of art as a political weapon. Some of his photomontages were anti-Nazi and anti-fascist statements.


Some of the movie quotes i chose while researching was:

-“That’s the thing about pain, it demands to be felt” -Fault in our stars

-“Never forget who you are” -The lion king

-“To live will be an awfully big adventure” -Peter Pan

-“The deeper you go, the weirder life gets” -The life aquatic

-“Sometimes the right path is not the easiest one” -Pocahontas
For this, i actually thought of using runs of the right path where there is actually two different routes that one can go. However, after thinking about it, i feel that it might be too literal. 😛

-“Stupid is as stupid does” -Forrest Gump

-“The past is just a story we tell ourselves” -Her

These are the quotes i chose after deciding to interpret quotes in a dark and gory manner:

“Give a man a mask and he’ll become his true self” -The dark knight

“Pessimism is just a higher form of optimism” -The Innkeepers

“We are who we choose to be” -Spider-man

It was really hard to choose a common “tone” for all the four quotes as didn’t have any theme to begin with but i really wanted to do something using surrealism. Thus, i decided to work with the dark tone since it may leave an impact on the viewers.


My concept on this project is to have two different categories, the first one being Emotions that are able to be expressed and the second one being emotions that can’t be expressed or explain yet it can be felt.

My approach to it is that the simpler emotions that can be expressed is used with one type of material whereas the emotions that can’t be explained is made from two or more layers and materials as most of them are mixture of two or more emotions expressed together. So the words that describe them has a name when I researched on them.


Top down:

  1. Frustration (ANGER)-
    I chose this to be frustration as I feel that it has this crushed paper effect which signifies anger. This is actually made from crushed cling wraps which is actually a nice and easy material to work which turned out to have different patterns. I purposely used a white paper as the background so as to bring out the black to show that it is a strong feeling of frustration.
  2. Wounded(SADNESS)-
    I used the gauze that is used to clean wounds to represent wounded. It was one of the tougher piece of strip I had to do as it was quite hard to get it from monoprinting. Initially, I wanted to use white paint to monoprint onto a black paper but my black paper stucked onto the surface and tore when I pulled it out.
    Thus, I used newsprint and used black paint to get the pattern out but it didn’t work also but when I pulled the gauze out it was white cause it was previously dipped in white paint!
  3. Relief (JOY)-
    This was done with Chinese calligraphy ink and water such that I used a paint brush to spread water in a funnel-like shape such that it is thicker in width at the top and slowly getting smaller towards the bottom of the strip. Then, it was followed by dripping the Chinese ink on the water from the top and allow it to spread down by itself, giving the faded black ink at the end to look like the emotion relief.
  4. Shocked (SURPRISED)-
    I used a syringe and randomly splattered white paint on a black paper and it ended up looking like blood vessels somehow. Thus, I feel that it portrays how our blood vessels may burst when we get a huge shock.
  5. Bewilderment (SURPRISED)-
    Creating this strip was a simple process which requires using only the facial sponge dabbing on newsprint to show the off white tone and black little dots done by the sponge to give a contrast of colours which in turn looks like a feeling of confusing and amazement.


  6. Dreamy (LOVE)-
    I feel that a dreamy feeling is like clouds so I used a felt paper and added dabs of light grey color to it to give the fantasy and imaginary feeling.
  7. Fragile (SADNESS)-
    I used hot glue gun and tried to depict how the glass being shattered which is an actual representation of fragility.
  8. Dreadful (FEAR)-
    Using some cardboard paper, I dragged them across the strip of paper giving it a fader look at the end to show the emotion when one feels dreadful to start something. It is white on black as I wanted the white to pop up more to show the strokes more clearly.
  9. Resentful (ANGER)-
    The strokes feel like they have a lot of power and hatred shown thus it represents anger. I used the shredded cardboard paper and made strokes out of it.

IMG_7982These 9 emotions as shown is the final piece that represents emotions that can be expressed. They are all made of one type material to show the simplicity of these emotions.

Going on to the second group: Emotions that can’t be expressed are all used with newsprint as I feel that since it is a mixture of emotions, the background of the strips can’t be seen in black or white. Also, from the work in progress, I actually found 14 of such emotions so I sieved out and selected the best 9 that fits the criteria of the 6main emotions the most.


 These are the close-ups of the strips (which may look very confusing at first):


  1. Nighthawk (FEAR)- A recurring thought that only seem to strike you late at night.

    Emotions: fearful, regretful and sad
    Explanations: The black and grey gives an impression that it is continuously hunting someone and the white seem like it’s trying to escape from the dark, therefore creating an emotion of fearfulness.

  2. Liberosis (JOY)- The desire to care less about things

    Emotions: Optimism, Contentment, Pride
    Explanations: The clear spirals on looks like happiness to me and the swirls are like when you want to care about something you just turn another way and decide to care less.

  3. Zenosyne (SURPRISED)- The sense that time keeps going faster.

    Emotions: Anxious, surprised, fear
    Explanations: The black faded line at the back is supposed to represent the fear in one and the small black is actually gradually increasing in its intensity to show how time is going faster. Thus, I feel that it gives a very anxious and surprising emotion.

  4. Avenoir (LOVE)- The desire that memory could flow backwards

    Emotions: longing, sadness and sufferings
    Explanations: The black background represents the sadness and the white represents the memories. As you can see there are some faded swirls at the back it shows how the memories are fading but yet you want it to be clear again.

  5. Jouska (FEAR)- a hypothetical conversation that you continuously play out in your head.

    Emotions: Doubtful, confusion
    Explanations: It is made with complexed materials to show the different patterns that depicts confusion. Leaves and face sponge with a bit of thumbprints randomly pressed.
    From the group discussion in week 3, I realized that my friends thought that I used the sponge first followed by the leaves and the thumbprints which seemed very confusing to them to decipher which comes first. However, in actual fact, I used the leaves first then followed by the sponge. From the discussion, I felt that this piece of strip gave a lot of confusion hence It will be a great match to use it for Jouska as it has a mixed feeling of confusion and doubtfulness.


  6. Catoptric Tristesse (SADNESS)- The sadness that you’ll never really know what others think of you.

    Emotions: Feeling of disappointment, sympathy, confusion, anger and fear
    Explanations: The black strokes that seem to be all over the place represents the sadness and confusion one feel when they want to know what others think of them but yet they are not able to. If you look closely, there is actually a layer of thick white paint from the middle to the end of the strip which signifies the fear and sympathy one feels for themselves. This strip is not as clear as the others in emphasizing its emotions as it is more of the inner thoughts of a person which is almost invincible to others.

  7. Nodus Tollens (ANGER)- The realization that a part of your life doesn’t make sense to you anymore

    Emotions: Feelings of frustration, annoyed, disappointed, sad
    Explanation: This is the most complexed and mixed feeling because there is a lot of different emotions together. The anyhow lines represents the annoyed feeling because you don’t really know what’s going on in your life and the frustration you feel is shown by the little black dots and its more of the black tone than white cause you’re feeling sad.

  8.  Sonder (JOY)- Realizing that passerby or other people has life as complexed as yours

    Emotions: Joy and relief
    Explanations: One would secretly feel happy inside to know that they are not the only one going through a particular situation. Hence, the white is gradually fading represents a form of relief and satisfaction.

  9.  Heartworm (LOVE)- A relationship or friendship that you can’t get out from your head, which you thought it faded long ago but yet it is still alive and unfinished.

    Emotions: Longing, sadness, irritation, confusion
    Explanations: The faint swerved lines represents the irritation and confusion for the fact that it is a past relationship but yet it keeps getting back to the person. Whereas the greyish background portrays the sadness and longing one will feel as it might be a relationship that they wanted to salvage but yet they just can’t help but to end it. Thus it feels as though they want this relationship back again therefore the memories kept hunting them in their head. This state of mixed feeling shows the confusion of one’s feeling hence the random curves and intersection of the lines in the strip. 

    IMG_7969So one of the challenges I faced was thinking how to combine different materials to express the mixture of feelings that made me quite confused the more I did it. The 9 strips of emotions that can’t be expressed are all made from 2 or more materials to give it a more complexed look compared to the simple emotions that can easily be expressed by one.




Project Critique:


Instructor’s feedback: Simple emotions should keep it more simple in terms on the outlook. Shocked and fragile seem too complicated for a simple emotion such that it might draw more attention compared to the complex emotions that cannot be expressed on the right.

Classmates feedback:
All in all, I really feel quite accomplished after finishing this project and honestly although it was a long process, i had fun doing it as it allowed me to really think about what i want to achieve for ever emotions. 🙂


When we first received the project, I didn’t know what kind of concept I would want to do on and just thought that I should experiment with different kinds of materials and explore on what I can do with the materials. Most of the materials are pretty basic, like sponges, leaves, bubble wraps, plastic bowls, cotton buds etc basically the things you can mostly find at home.

This was a pretty challenging project but yet after weeks of exploration and brain-storming for different ideas, seeing the end product gave me a great sense of achievement and I really enjoyed the process.

Initially when I was coming out with concepts, I thought about two main concepts. The first one is emotions that we have every day, weekly, monthly and yearly. This first main idea consists of four groups of emotions, but I felt that they might be a little overlapping as what we feel on a daily basis can also be felt in the whole month itself which doesn’t sound very convincing at all.

So, the second concept is what I eventually chose: Emotions that can be expressed VS Emotions that can be felt but can’t be expressed. I came out with this idea as I remember seeing “unusual” words on social medias that describes a particular feeling that one feels but yet there isn’t an exact emotion that could express it. Thus, I thought I would go into this direction and research more on these words.

These are words I picked out that seem relevant to emotions taken from my visual journal:




As you can see from all these meanings to the description of emotions that can’t be expressed, all of them actually have more than one kind of main emotion that can be felt. Therefore, they are mixed emotions that one cannot really express.

Thus I decided to work on it and thought that since they are mixed emotions, all of them should look very complicated and there should be a mixtures of materials used when creating the strip of each different feeling. However, there was a contemplation about it as it may all look too confusing to decipher that particular emotion that I am trying to show.

I had to figure out which kind of emotions could fit together to depict the mixed emotion on the strip.


Some of the materials used while exploring


IMG_7513My finger prints are also a form of “material” used as well.



Outcome of the materials used with different techniques! I tried many different textures to mix and match and try to see which one is the most suited for a particular emotion that can’t be explained.

Therefore i feel that my work in progress is mainly from experimenting different textures myself and coming into a conclusion if the strip actually shows what the emotion it was trying to portray. My next post will be about the strips i have chosen and the explanation of why i chose that strip 🙂


More exploration Week 3 (25/08)

For the last lesson, i managed to explore a lot more materials to use for mark making and i was pretty satisfied with what i have done that lesson. 🙂


Brought the sponges i mentioned the other week that i didnt use along with some plastic bowls, cotton bud, waste cardboard scrap paper.

IMG_7515manage to use the white paint as well which gives a nice shade of colour when its mixed with some of the black.


IMG_7501prints the face sponge produced!


IMG_7503For this, i used a paint brush to brush on the black square surface and used a roller to print out on the newsprint. It turned out pretty abstract and i really liked it.


IMG_7504Done this with the scrap cardboard pieces which has an interesting outcome as well.

IMG_7508Done with the plastic bowl, making prints with the surrounding texture.


Used a cotton bud to draw on the surface, trying out if geometric shape works.



Tried doing other swirls as well! 🙂


Tried with some leaves as well, which didn’t turn out as good.. Couldn’t really see the shape of the leaves. It was better when i smudge it in black paint and pressed it on the paper though!

here it is:



Lastly, the top half of this picture is using bubble wrap which gave a really nice visual texture! whereas the bottom half is another try-out of the facial sponge.

Overall, I’m really glad that i explored more this time and the outcomes were a lot better the previous time i did!



Did my first ever mono-printing last Thursday 18/08! It was a pretty good experience after all. Took me quite long to think of materials to use for mark making and still have to explore more! Didn’t bring much on the first lesson compared to others, only brought a few cotton wool and mini sponges.

Tried to use cotton wool for mono-printing but it didn’t really show any results as shown. Pretty disappointed as I thought that will be some prints on the paper but it turned out opaque black 🙁 Although the inverse showed a little more texture it wasn’t very distinct. Tried using the roller on it and I like how there are different shades of black due to the different pressure used.


IMG_7486-minRoller used!

Then I decided to do some paper-cuts since I didn’t really bring much materials and tried to cut out many triangles to create some patterns. It didn’t turn out to be anything special to me as it was too rigid in its shape? hahaha but the inverse didn’t turn out too bad!




Tried using crushed paper towels too, which finally had more prints coming out and the lines can be seen quite clearly with the dotted texture of the paper. 🙂

Probably the favourite one of the day!


Didn’t manage to try to use my sponge this time but I’ll use it the next lesson to explore more abstract prints! Overall, I actually like the inversed printing better as it isn’t too dark and there are more shades of black. Definitely have so much more to improve!!!!