3D Project 2: Conceptual Object Final

Most people see hair as a waste after they cut them in salons but yet why do people not see animals fur or birds feather as waste? Instead, we use them as clothing pieces for textures and prints, jackets, pillows and floor rugs.

Therefore, i decided to work with HUMAN HAIR that are cut away and left on the floor in salons and critique on hair as waste since no one actually use hair for anything purposeful.  I mean, even hair extensions and wigs are mostly not made out of real human hair, they are either synthetic fibres or horse hair (another animal!!)

Then, i thought of the fact that people go for hair for hope to shave their heads for a purposeful reason but yet the hair itself is a WASTE in the end cause nobody would actually collect hair. Despite the fact that hair is something somewhat significant to hairdressers just cause they do it for a living, the hair they cut everyday are ultimately thrown away as a waste as well.

Thus, i decided to make a pillow for this conceptual object cause it is mainly something we lie on everyday when we sleep, and since we don’t mind lying on goose feather pillow or cotton, why not lie on HAIR??


For material wise, i wanted something that is clear so as to directly show people that yes, its a pillow that has hair inside. Therefore, i chose to use a plastic material since if cloth is being used, the hair would all pass through the cloth and it wont stay inside the cloth. Plus, by using plastic, it kinda looked like those inflatable pillows we buy which is initially what i wanted to use but then i couldn’t find clear ones, it’s all either coloured or patterned… And besides, the small hole for us to inflate the pillow wouldn’t be able to fit hair into it either.


Making a pillow seemed too simple although the process of sealing the freaking plastic together and making sure it stays is damn hard especially when hair keeps sipping through the tiny holes. I only manage to seal when i add lesser hair into the plastic.

Then, to make it look not so easy and simple, i decided to make 2 covers for the pillow WITH MORE HAIRRRR!! These are some of the pictures i captured during the process:

for the pillow, to give it more form and shape inside so that it doesn’t look like a chunk of hair, i threw in pony tails directly and i tried to braid it as well.


a GIF for my end product! :))


Overall, pretty satisfied and i had fun with this project! :))

Assignment 1: Present Identity

For this project, we will have to explore the relationships between form and material in making an object defined by a specific identity and then make a gift for a client in our class. My client is Cally and after the short interview with her, i gathered some informations which i think it may be useful. This are some of the likes and dislikes i found out about her that day, which led me into exploring some gift ideas that she might like.


As i consulted Peter after interviewing, we were asked to research on 3 words that is not linked at all to do a presentation so as to further expand our thoughts on gifts. My three words were: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Types of chilli in Asia and Lipsticks.

These are the short presentation research slides:

giftlipsticklip lip2

lip3chilli-1 chilli-2 picture1ocd1ocd2


From all the information i wrote down earlier, i realised that since she likes travelling overseas especially more towards the western countries where chilli is usually not available as it does not suit the taste of the locals, i decided to go with making a chilli travel pouch for her. As a person who really LOVES chilli,  she will be able to conveniently bring the pouch around when she travels and not worry about not having any spices/ sauces in her food. 🙂


I had several design in hand before trying to figure out which is actually the best and most convenient, since travelling is a main point to take note of. The product should be something not very bulky and heavy. Another consideration was also the material used and how the chilli containers are supposed to fit into the “Travel Pack”. Colour wise was also an issue although she does not particularly dislike any colour.

After much consideration, i decided to go with the material of thick felt as it is firm but soft, which makes it very comfortable to hold and it will be flat when no container is inside, which makes it easy to keep, just like a thin piece of cloth. Also, i wanted to add a waterproof plastic layer with a zip attached to it in the pouch to prevent the accidental chilli spillage. I decided to use velcro as well so that the chilli containers can be changed and taken out easily for my client to use. Therefore, she can also switch the types of chilli around and decides which ones she want to bring.

Lastly, to hold everything together, there will be a rubber strap attached. I decided on the colour grey for the felt as it is a dark and classy colour where it would not get dirty easily. The zip i chose was red to go along well with the transparent containers that will have chilli inside them.


Some of the containers

img_2502 img_2511

The sewing machine i used (which was hell!!!!!)

img_2521  img_2523  img_2548 img_2549

img_2519 img_2518


Two long strap of velcro sewn for containers to be pasted on them.


Types of chilli include: Garlic chilli sauce (the tube-like container that can be squeezed), Sambal Belacan, Shrimp (Chinchalok) Chilli Sauce, Chilli Padi, Homemade chilli and chilli powder.

img_2553 img_2554 img_2555 img_2556

Overall, i think it was a great experience in learning how to use the sewing machine although it was a tedious process and the workmanship could be better as well! Maybe the containers could be of the same type and size as well, but then again there are there are different kinds of chilli. However, i am glad that Cally really liked the gift! :))