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On Friday afternoon (28/10), our class went to NUS to visit the “Double Vision” Museum. It was actually my first time going to a video installation museum and i was looking forward to know more about it. Double Vision is a selection of video works and experimental films that are inspired by the affinities between the Philippines and Vietnam in the history of the American wars in the Pacific.

The first short film i watched as we entered was the “Shotgun Tuding” by Shireen Seno. It is based on adaptations of films set in the American Wild West known as ‘Pancit Westerns’, a vernacular play on the Spaghetti Western subgenre of Wild West films. It is honestly quite interesting but a bit expected in a way we know what is going to happen next. I feel that it is quite draggy in some parts but yet humorous at the same time.

I also watched the film “Where’s Francis” which was inspired by Apocalypse Now, a film on the Vietnam War which was filmed and produced in the Philippines. The two main characters are buried on the ground with only their heads shown. Both having a conversation while waiting for the director to shout “cut”.


This film aims to investigate the historical consciousness surrounding the relationship between the Philippines and representations of the Vietnam-American War. It was quite interesting as it is a short film that is unusual and it makes me want to continue hearing these two characters conversation.

The last film i watched was “Nailed” which was too long and draggy for me. Everyone was almost falling asleep as we watched it. I realised they reused some scenes a couple of times. As i read the brochure, it was said that Nailed is a Filipina’s exploration of the Catholic Church and 400 years of Spanish and American colonialism woven in a montage of images, sounds, stories and performances.

We moved on to the second level where it is mostly all sculptures which was interesting. The one where the artist uses body parts to create a face is something that i remembered clearly at the third floor. It actually look quite nice in a weird way and i just find them pretty unique! 🙂

Overall, I feel that this museum requires more time to allow us to ponder as we explore different films since most videos are pretty long. I do enjoy this museum visit though, it was indeed an eye-opener and it was a great day with the class as well!!


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