For this project, I worked with Cai Jing and Debbie Ong on the horror genre. For this horror trailer, we are much focused on how chinese superstitions that are often warned of and reminded by the adults. Here are the links we studied and have incorporated common superstitions into the film:

Reference 1
Reference 2

Clipping toe-nails or finger-nails at night would bring ghost to that place.
Throwing rice grains on every corner of the house would chase spirits away.

After watching several film trailers, we understood that the introduction is usually smooth, in between filled with conflicts and at the ending, more climatic scenes would appear with the resolution that makes us wonder what will happen to the protagonist when at the end.

Moving on to our story… We have decided to name our film, 不信。不辛。 If you don’t believe in the presence of ghost/superstitions, misfortunes would happen on you.

Nicole and Valerie just moved in as first-year students into the school hall. They are roommates. Nicole is extremely superstitious due to her fear for the supernatural while Valerie on the other hand, is not. Curiosity had led Nicole to find out from her seniors that there was once a girl who was often outcasted and bullied in school, committed suicide around their block. Nicole shared the story with Valerie at night but being a scientific geek herself, everything that has no scientific explanations does not make any sense at all thus the disbelief.

After that night, trippy things began to happen. Nicole, alone in the room was studying until she received a phone call from Valerie that she would be late and to sleep early without her. A strong gust of wind entered the room, the windows spread wide as if something is coming in. Nicole became paranoid and started unleashing all her amulets out from her wallet. Before she sleeps, she started throwing grains of rice into every corner of the room in order to chase off spirits. Valerie who came back and happen to witness the moment got really upset and they quarrelled. Knowing that the spirit used to be a lonely and neglected girl, she is upset at Valerie for not wanting to acknowledge her presence. She begins to hunt Valerie while is sleeping or alone.


story-board1 storyboard2


I would say this project is extremely challenging as it would require me to study many different trailers in order to know what makes a great one. When planning the story, filming or editing, my group mates and i have a lot of art direction or opinions ourselves which I would not say is a bad thing as the worst is not having any ideas to improve and contribute. Through this filming, I have understood more about the importance of a trailer, which is to make the audience care within this short 2 mins, convincing them that the movie is going to be worth the watch. Besides that, team wise I would say that in between we did tire ourselves out with ambitious time management and other assignments on hand but thanks to Debbie’s constant encouragement and motivational attitude, we managed to make it for today’s submission.

Regarding the consultation this afternoon, we have noted down the changes that needs to be made and will work further if time allows. But most likely we will : ) Overall, I am really satisfied by this trailer and its a joy working with both Caijing and Debbie!! 🙂

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