Did my first ever mono-printing last Thursday 18/08! It was a pretty good experience after all. Took me quite long to think of materials to use for mark making and still have to explore more! Didn’t bring much on the first lesson compared to others, only brought a few cotton wool and mini sponges.

Tried to use cotton wool for mono-printing but it didn’t really show any results as shown. Pretty disappointed as I thought that will be some prints on the paper but it turned out opaque black 🙁 Although the inverse showed a little more texture it wasn’t very distinct. Tried using the roller on it and I like how there are different shades of black due to the different pressure used.


IMG_7486-minRoller used!

Then I decided to do some paper-cuts since I didn’t really bring much materials and tried to cut out many triangles to create some patterns. It didn’t turn out to be anything special to me as it was too rigid in its shape? hahaha but the inverse didn’t turn out too bad!




Tried using crushed paper towels too, which finally had more prints coming out and the lines can be seen quite clearly with the dotted texture of the paper. 🙂

Probably the favourite one of the day!


Didn’t manage to try to use my sponge this time but I’ll use it the next lesson to explore more abstract prints! Overall, I actually like the inversed printing better as it isn’t too dark and there are more shades of black. Definitely have so much more to improve!!!!

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