Hello, my name is…

For our first in-class assignment, we are suppose to introduce ourselves and our personalities with a representation of our names.

My first nametag:


I coloured an orangey-yellow tone to represent the colour of the sunset as my name in chinese įž‡ is actually the colour of the sunset. The colour does indeed represents the kind of bubbly and optimistic characteristic of myself 🙂

My second name-tag:


My name is slightly faded as i feel that if i am around strangers or new people, i would tend to feel very awkward.
I decided to write with my normal handwriting for my name and went to research more about what our handwritings say about our personality. Surprisingly, it is actually pretty accurate.
Long crosses on “t’s”: someone who is enthusiastic but also stubborn
I would have to agree that this is very much like me! hahaha, i don’t like writing the T in my name in small letters and i do know that i am very stubborn at times. About the enthusiastic part… not super true unless it’s something i really enjoy.

-Handwriting slants to the RIGHT: Open to new experiences
This is very much true as well, i LOVE adventures and travelling a lot, and i love to try new things such as a new sport or just like learning new and interesting things!

Lastly, this is my third composition which has no colour added:


It represents a track as i really like to run whenever i feel stressed or just restless in general. As i drew this track it reminds me of a target which leads me to think that i am actually quite a goal-oriented person. I usually get things done if i really want to do it, of course, with much procrastination as well, but i guess if it’s something that i really like, i would definitely want to complete it with my best efforts? hahaha, yup, thats all for this post!! 🙂

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