More exploration Week 3 (25/08)

For the last lesson, i managed to explore a lot more materials to use for mark making and i was pretty satisfied with what i have done that lesson. 🙂


Brought the sponges i mentioned the other week that i didnt use along with some plastic bowls, cotton bud, waste cardboard scrap paper.

IMG_7515manage to use the white paint as well which gives a nice shade of colour when its mixed with some of the black.


IMG_7501prints the face sponge produced!


IMG_7503For this, i used a paint brush to brush on the black square surface and used a roller to print out on the newsprint. It turned out pretty abstract and i really liked it.


IMG_7504Done this with the scrap cardboard pieces which has an interesting outcome as well.

IMG_7508Done with the plastic bowl, making prints with the surrounding texture.


Used a cotton bud to draw on the surface, trying out if geometric shape works.



Tried doing other swirls as well! 🙂


Tried with some leaves as well, which didn’t turn out as good.. Couldn’t really see the shape of the leaves. It was better when i smudge it in black paint and pressed it on the paper though!

here it is:



Lastly, the top half of this picture is using bubble wrap which gave a really nice visual texture! whereas the bottom half is another try-out of the facial sponge.

Overall, I’m really glad that i explored more this time and the outcomes were a lot better the previous time i did!


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