Project 1: Picture Story- Curating Self

TASK 1: Object & representation of self

I chose to use this golden watch as this is one of the objects that is very significant to me. It was given to me by my mom who bought it about 24 years ago. Its actually a vintage watch and i really treasure it a lot.  IMG_7809
I feel that watches in general is very significant to my life as to me I interpret a watch as a timeless and rigid object but yet in contrast to us humans, a day goes by extremely quickly as time is ticking every moment. As the saying goes, “Time waits for no man”, it explains how we have to really treasure every moment of our lives as we cannot rewind time. It can also be explain by the fact a watch is a constant such that the design of this watch is made a point of time, years ago as shown in the picture below, where the details of the watch doesn’t change  even after so long. As compared to us, we are constantly changing overtime and we are flexible in the things we do in our daily life which makes us who we are today.


Thus this explains why I took this picture in a way that the size of the watch face is comparable to my face to show an actual comparison. Also, I took it in a way such that the watch is focused whereas my face is blurred so as to convey that what i am going through now is still a blur and it takes time for myself to actually be clear of the things that I am doing in life. Or another interpretation is that we can never be very clear of what is going to happen ahead of time but yet we have to try our best to do what is right.

Lastly, the third picture i chose is a close up shot of me interacting with the watch where the watch is beside the life line of my palm which shows a contrast on how time actually defines one thus it is compared to the life line of my palm which represents fate as all of us change in some way or another overtime.


Here are some other pictures of the full body/ mid range shots of myself and the watch:




TASK 2: My World


The place I chose that is significant to me is the Pasir Ris Park playground and in particular the “Spider Web” which is shown in the first picture. It is about 3 stories high when you actually climb to the peak. It has been there for many years as it was my childhood playground since I was about 4. It is actually a really memorable and nostalgic place for me and even till now whenever I cycle with my siblings in the park I would definitely stop by this playground to rest or play the swing and occasionally climb this spider web.


This second picture that is focused on the rope and the route to the top is blurred as I am trying to convey the young me climbing this for the first time and I although wasn’t sure of what I am doing and what is ahead of me but I still do it anyway. Thus, climbing this spider web was a blur to me at that point of time. Another thing this photo has shown is that the rope has duct tape pasted over some parts to show that it is actually very old and yet it is still sturdy as ever.


Next, from the last picture i presented in class, I was trying to convey the view I saw when I was young where I didn’t think that I could actually reach the peak. It portrays the image I see when I have reached the peak for the first time, the sense of satisfaction just by looking down from the peak.

These are the other pictures that i took which i didn’t choose to present:IMG_7727-minThis shows how huge the spider web is such that it can also be seen from afar that actually attracts children to go there.



This explains the feeling of domination and being on top of the world as other facilities in the playground seem so small from the peak of the spider web.


This are the pictures presented in class. 🙂

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