Project 1: Que Sera Sera FINAL

These are my 4 final compositions! 🙂



“Chia” here is depicted as the dust, thus the composition looks a little dirty and dusty. It is linked from the dentist composition where the stick of the broom is actually the mirror tool top from the first composition.


When two broom stick intercepts with one another, it becomes the blade of the scissors, thus i decided to link them together in this way for it to flow into the hairdresser composition.


For this composition, i decided to put my full name in showing that it is now a clearer job i am working towards to instead of just putting in my initials where it may be read as another person’s name. This composition is the most colourful and i added the most tools to it as i wanted it to be the most distinct one among the other 3 composition as this is something closer to my dream job at this moment in time.


Finally, this is how all of them are linked together. I made use of split complementary colors for this whole 4 compositions, trying to use the pop-art effect on my final project.


img_2571 img_2573

Overall, i would say i really enjoyed doing this project despite all the tedious process i faced from Ai which i’m glad i tried to do this whole project digitally. 🙂 I learnt a lot from this project on how to incorporate typography into visuals and how colours play such an important role visually. Thanks for all the feedback and i will improve more on future projects! After seeing all my classmates compositions, i feel that everyone really put in a lot of effort and all of them really did a great job! :))

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