Project 2 Final Outcomes and Silk Screen Printing process

On week 8, we did Silk Screening for the every first time, it was a fun and interesting experience. We went in groups to the dark room to do our emulsions since they are not supposed to be exposed to lights. then we placed the board into the oven and waited for about half an hour before pasting our transparency onto the screen.


This was the transparency i used to do the first silk screen printing as i feel that vectorized images would definitely be able to be printed out and yes it did! it turned out pretty well and i decided to redo it on my tote bag on week 9 partly because i didn’t have any other confirmed compositions that i really wanted to do.

i didn’t really take any pictures of my process but i don’t think there was any huge difficulties i faced while doing it hahah.

Moving on to my final outcome for Project 2, I chose to look into quotes that I am able to depict them in a dark/horror manner. So all my quotes are from different movies. I chose to do it this way as it will look creepy which may leave an impact on the audience looking at how I interpreted the quotes. Although some quotes may sound quite positive, I still chose to show it in a way where it is more of a gory and dark side to them.

The first quote is

“Give a man a mask and he’ll become his true self.” –The Joker from Batman


This quote may sound quite odd because usually when you give people a mask, it is for them to hide their true self.

However, to me, this quote represents that a person in a mask will only be his true self because he is not seen as who he is now by others.

Thus, he is able to do whatever he wants to anyone without being judged or found out by others who he really is as a person.

I personally feel that sometimes, we only show ourselves as how we want people to perceive us to be hence not exactly being ourselves with others.

By seeing it in a gory side of this quote, I made use of a girl with a stern and straight face like a doll who is dressed innocently. But yet she is holding an axe which has an arm coming out from it, holding a mask.

I personally feel that it shows how a person with a mask will only be themselves as they are able to do whatever they one since no one recognizes them with a mask. They can finally take revenge on people they do not like or have grudge against by killing them while wearing that mask.

Also, the background is a blurred forest-y place to show how a person might be lost in themselves due to the pressure of hiding their true self from others. Or another way to interpret it is that because of the mask they are wearing they might be lost in their true self such that they lose their mind to do unexpected things.

The second quote is:

“That’s the thing about pain, it demands to be felt.” –The fault in our stars.


When I first started to do this quote, I had a head with several faces showing pain but after the consults and feedbacks, I feel that it was quite confusing as to how the pain is perceived because it seemed like both are physical pain felt by one.

This is the first one i thought of doing, but i didn’t think it would work as well. So, I decided to have only one face but shows how many arms are actually pressing the face of a person.

I feel that this could show how pain is felt mentally as well due to the people around us giving us pressure where one may feel suffocated cause of the number of people giving you pressure you in life. The arms thus make up a face showing that the person is drowning from these pressures.

The suit is used as most stressful adults are businessmen where they may face more problems but it is also mainly because a suit requires a tie. By changing the tie into a rope almost choking a person, it shows how pain demands to be felt with just a powerless rope showing the physical aspects of pain. Also, the noose is meant to look quite tight to show the how pain is felt physically cause if it goes a little tighter the person might actually lose his life.
Initially, wanted to add another border around the head to show the loop of the rope, but it would then be too complex and complicated…

The third quote is:

“We are who we choose to be” –Spider-Man


The way I interpreted this quote is that everyone has a choice such that we choose our own path in life.

Thus, I put in a way such that the opened head of the human is a maze, showing the path of our own. The fountain pen shows how the path is used to carve these paths and to show how insignificant a pen is but yet it can leave a mark on a person head. Also, blood is shown dripping out of the forehead but I’m not sure if it looks quite extra.

I actually wanted to add the part of an open head but it doesn’t look very aesthetically pleasing hahahah and it was difficult to find a suitable tip of the head.

Last quote:

“Pessimism is just a higher form of optimism” –The Innkeepers

chia_te_the_innkeepers_1I perceived pessimism as always thinking of the worse solution to problems in any situation which to me is death. Thus on the left of the picture there is a girl hanging herself on a tree dead. I chose a tree because it has branches and it is able to show different angles of a tree and its uses.

Optimism to me is being happy which from the uses of the tree, happiness can be shown by playing a swing that is tied on the tree. One of the tree branches is actually a huge hammer which acts like a branch is placed there to illustrate how although the girl is optimistic and happy, she doesn’t know when she’s going to die.

Thus the hammer is not super near her but it’s as though as if she goes a little higher she may be dead like the girl on the left as well.

So i feel that although one can be optimistic, the result of all these thoughts is actually almost the same as pessimism.

img_9220These are my final 4 compositions. 🙂
img_9219With the tote bag that i silkscreened one of my composition onto 🙂



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