Task 1: Information gathering and idea generating

Observation Notes:
During our visit to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital last week, I realized that this particular hospital does not look like other hospitals such as KK hospital/ SGH. Instead of just having posters and some banners from the health promotion board, they actually include different artworks from various local artist and even artworks done by their patients such as the corner with batik paintings. I feel that it is a very good way to allow patients to be involved in these art activities which also helps in transforming the hospital into a more comfortable place for the patients. 

“Art on the move” aims to create a healing environment for our patients through art and craft. Thus, the aim of this project is to develop a logo design for this programme and apply it on button badges which will be worn by the volunteers. The design of the badge should represents the spirit and mission of the programme and volunteers where it appeals to volunteers so that they can collect these badges and feel a sense of achievement.

Brain Storming
List of words that reflects the programme and volunteers:
Connection, dynamic, imagination, transformational, community, interaction, inspiration, care, warmth, fun, exciting, surprise, active, engaging, colours, healing, hands-on, companion, freedom, friendly.

Design Short list & Rationale

To depict how volunteers could really engage with patients and allow them to feel a sense of longing and make the patients feel comfortable and happy despite being in the hospital which can be very boring and lonely without any companion.

Keywords: Warmth, engaging, people, interaction, happiness

Mood Board:


Since the Art on the Move mainly focuses on art and craft, i was thinking to incorporate fun into the activities that the patients do in the hospital. Also, since most of the activities would be hands-on, i would like to include hand/hands as well. Therefore this concept would include a range of bright colours and shapes similar to the coloured papers they use to make origami  and papercuts which i want to include into the logos for a more abstract and crafty look.

keywords: Colours, Papercuts, creativity, shapes, hands/hand



The fact that being a patient is already not exactly a good thing, the hospital needs to be a comfortable and homely place for the patients. By having the programme Art on the Move, patients are able to do craft work which serves as a form of distraction and allow them to have fun while doing them instead of having the depressed feeling that they are at the hospital with nothing to do for them to occupy their time. 

Keywords: Home, Art tools (paint, pencil, markers etc), warmth, Positive, Fun



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