Task 2: Translating & Exploring Design

From the 3 concepts we have chosen, we were suppose to do at least 30sketches and these are some of the sketches i did:

Concept 1: Engaging

Concept 2: Crafty & Fun

Concept 3:

These are some i really liked:

Thus, i decided to do a slight change to Concept 3 which is to allow patients to feel homely at the hospital so as to serve as a form of distraction. The keywords included are home, art tools/materials, warmth, people and fun. I really wanted to do something that is dynamic to represent fun hence i did some sketches to see how i can play with the art materials and a person, to allow it to be relevant to “Art On The Move”.
This leads me to a design which shows fun and freedom which brings back to my concept of serving as a form of distraction to the patients through this programme and how they can not only have fun through art and how they can interact with people. My final logo i have chosen and the colours i chose will be documented in the next post! 🙂


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