Task 3: Colour Explorations & Final Design

After the last lesson where we had some feedback on our chosen logo, I decided to go with the same logo, but refining the visual weight for some of lines and also to work on the where i should put the words “Art On The Move” in the badge. 

This was my first attempt, and as mentioned, the feedback was that from a far, the lines were not distinct and the wordings were slightly awkward.
Michael mentioned that i could look at the 50% size and derive the shape of the pencil to incorporate it into the 100% one to add more visual weight. Hence i tried that and added colours after.


I wanted to explore warmer tones to show the sense of warmth through the button badge hence my colours are all within yellow-orange-darker shades of pink-red-maroon. It was pretty tough for me to choose a colour that allows the figure to stand out. Besides for the background of the badge, i mainly wanted it to be complementary to the turquoise vest that the volunteers would be wearing hence i chose the orange-y shade as shown below with the vest colour.

My final design is a improved version of my third concept which is to show homeliness which serves as a form of distraction for the patients. I feel that this “Art On The Move” programme is mainly set up to allow patients to have fun where they could direct their thoughts away from the feeling people normally get when they are sick. Hence, people (Volunteers & Nurses) are around to take care of them and allow them to relieve their stressful mind by doing Art & Crafts. People, who plays and important roles to patients are represented through this logo i have design, which shows the chinese character “人” which is people in Chinese. To give some flow and movement to the person in the logo, i decided to depict him in a form where he looks like he’s rejoicing and having fun, leaping around. Hence, his legs are wide apart which is represented in a form of a twisted pencil. To balance out the slightly tilted figure, i decided to add the words on the left side of the person instead of being at the bottom of the legs. Also, I specifically emphasized the word “ART” and “MOVE” since this programme is indeed about doing art in many different ways.
Lastly, as for the colours, i chose maroon and yellow as they are both on the warmer side which conveys my concept of the warmth brought to the patients to let them know that there are people who care for them. Maroon signifies sacrifice and bravery and yellow signifies hope, happiness & positivity. These are mainly the traits of the volunteers and what this programme aims to achieve. 

Representation of badge as seen when placed on the turquoise vest.



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