Zine part 2 (Reseach & Final)

Before I continue to my final process and outcome of Zine part 2, here is my link to my infographic from part 1:

RESEARCH- https://oss.adm.ntu.edu.sg/a160025/project-2-part-1-zine-neighbourhood-explorer-research/
FINAL- https://oss.adm.ntu.edu.sg/a160025/infographic-process-and-final-project-2-part-1/



Following my infographic, i wanted to follow the colour scheme of different shades of red. I decided to stick to yellow, orange and red for my background and decided to do a watercolour wash for all the spreads.

These are the backgrounds i used by using the watercolour brush on AI and then mixing it together



I thought of this cover page at the end of my different spreads so as to tie the illustrations and background altogether.


Initially i just wanted to illustrate this obese lady on this spread only, but i decided to bring her along in all the spreads so as to make it more vibrant and fun.


Before- this was my test print and i felt that it was too dark and the readability is unclear. The background wasn’t very distinct in terms of water colour as well.

Final- Since i decided to add the obese woman in, i wanted to make my illustrations clearer thus i added a black outline to the mountains/hills to make it more distinct as compared to the previous one. I changed the watercolour sun and moon to something more illustrative as well.

For the content wise, i decided to incorporate the routine from my infographic to the middle spread so as to make the zine a more objective one linking to Redhill.


For this last spread, i wanted to add in recipes that is healthy for snacks and meals but i decided to go with small food type that can be snacked on in the everyday basis. I added the benefits of these food and show the transformation of the lady through a route to “good eating habits”.

As for fonts, i decided to write my own for the titles and headers, so as to give it a more cohesive look to the zine.

YAY thanks for reading, finally ended 2D and I’ve really learnt a lot this semester and i think it was really interesting and i hope i had improved on my digital skills HAHAHAH 🙂 Thanks for the great 2 Semster Joy!! :))



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