Adm Library – Initial Research and Development

The library is a quiet and peaceful place for study and browsing of books. People of different nationalities, age and faculties come here. However, there was this one thing that struck me. Most of the people there were using earpiece or headphones while they were doing their work. They seem really comfortable and undisturbed in doing their work as compared to those who didn’t wear their earpiece, they were conscious to their actions and sudden sharp noises. This kind of led me thinking – if you put on your earpiece, will you be self-conscious of your actions as compared to when you take them off?

Initial ideas

A globe made out of books and lights to symbolize Universal Knowledge. Is to be hung up at the empty area near the fire reel. Not really feasible in my opinion.

Placing a typewriter near the computers to make people aware about how modern technology has changed and sometimes we take conventional methods for granted. Most feasible.

Portal book which kinda represents a game of sorts. Etc. solving this puzzle will lead you to this, so on and so forth. Least feasible.


Proposed Idea
Drawing inspiration from the above video, i propose to set up a typewriter tentatively (subject to change) on the table at either these two spots before the studying area.

Similarly to social media confession pages, i aim to create an ADM library confessions, using a conventional typewriter (Topic of interest). The subjects will then put on the earpiece (probably connected to a phone or media device) and press to play a typewriter soundtrack. He or she will then proceed to type out their confessions on the paper provided, leaving it there when finished.  The twist is that the soundtrack will stop halfway, thus leading to a silence which is intruded by the typing sound of the actual typewriter.
From there, people will either continue unknowingly or stop typing as they are affected by their disturbance of the  silence in the library.

Additional Info* A stack of papers and instructional sheet will be placed next to the typewriter to aid usage.


An interactive experience to determine a person’s self-consciousness and the blindness to surroundings when putting on a earpiece.

Will people try it?
I don’t know truthfully but i believe the antiquity of the machine and the curiosity of people will get the better out of them!

-Stay tuned-

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