String Project – Completed!


We started a new project this week and boy! how i was so annoyed and frustrated by the pulling of the strings and putting the needle into the thread! Just kidding, it was still kinda fascinating to see the patterns and planes that form while creating interesting weaving techniques.

Although my study models failed terriblyIMG_5027This one had the greater success rate out of the rest



All of these are still in their experimental stages so I’m pretty much hopeful that the actual model would turn out great!

Update #1

Yess! Finally got an inspiration from this picture.


With this design in mind, i started working on the layout of the plastic sheet, which eventually looked something like this… img_5156

I started off by cutting out the flaps and then making the holes.

Within the duration of the class, i managed to complete the sculpture. img_5158

I was so glad with the result despite the many times that the string screwed things up, accidentally stabbing the needle into my finger… it was all worth it.

Update #2

Felt that the strings didn’t contrast well with the clear plastic sheet so i redid it, at the same time cleaning up the marker stains.

The final outcome was much more dynamic and i added a twist at the top.


I gave it some “tapered” ends so i adjust the tautness of the strings whenever the sculpture feels too slack.

Update #3

I wanted to experiment with another design and i thought it turned out alright. I didn’t really like this as i felt it was more “feel up empty spaces for the sake of feeling it”.


Stay tuned for more…


Update #3

YESS! Finally done with the string project!


Took out the thread connecting the top to the mid-section as i felt it was messy and redundant. The final outcome was much more simplistic and clean.
img_5240 img_5241 img_5248

Removed the tapes img_5251

Overall, i felt that this project really played with the strings of patience and craftsmanship as precision was required to give the sculpture the tension it needs and also to ensure that the tension does not loosen.

Even though, it was difficult to come up with the design and execute it, i manged to accomplish it!

Thanks for taking the time to read through this post and hope it entertains you in some form or another!


Old is Gold


A couple of weeks back, we headed out to the thieves market to procure some materials to use for our project.

With an idea of a spider in mind, i went to get the parts. I obtained a what looked like a metal measuring tape thingy and some springs, screwdrivers, gears, spoons and a light bulb.

In class, piecing the project was enjoyable as it was a first using the hot glue gun. Even though things fell apart sometimes, it was kinda fun and satisfying to see the model forming together.

Eventually, the model turned out to be more like something out of a Star Wars movie…

Focusing on the “less is more” logic, i took out four of the eight legs, added two spoons to form the ears, threw in a tail and added in a trunk. TA-DA, what came out was a elephant!

IMG_4879 IMG_4878

I believe it was a fruitful experience as you have to come up with solutions to overcome the problems in building the model. Can’t wait to work on the next one!